National Speech and Debate Season Opener

2013 — Lexington, KY/US

Hired Judging Info

***If you need to hire a judge,  you MUST email Andrea in addition to noting your hired judge on the website*** @

Policy: $300 (full commitment), $150 (half commitment)

LD: $80 per each 2 uncovered students (or $40 for just 1)

Public Forum: $80 per each 2 uncovered teams (or $40 for just 1)


Please understand that given our location, we have a VERY limited number of hired judges, the vast majority of whom we must bring in from out of state.  We do not “make money” off of hired judging.  In addition to paying judges by the round, we also have to pay to house them, and so the hired judge fee reflects those extra costs of bringing people in for the tournament.



Please make any hired judge requests far in advance by emailing Andrea Reed directly at .  You will receive an email from me either confirming your request or letting you know if we cannot accommodate it.