Harvard Westlake Debates

2017 — Los Angeles, CA/US

Lincoln-Douglas Schedule & Information

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Lincoln-Douglas Debate will run separate divisions in Novice and Varsity.


All teams will be allowed to register 4 Varsity debaters and 4 Novice debaters. These debaters will be put on a waiting list until we receive payment for those entries. Entries beyond 5 should be added to the waiting list. On November 21 we will begin letting teams off of the waiting list.


Teams will be removed off the waiting list based on a number of factors, the least of which is the order is the order a team was entered. Factors we will consider include: Quality of judges, attendance in previous years, our experience with your team in previous years.



Both Novice and Varsity will use the 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 format with 4 minutes of prep time. We will use the January/February NSDA resolution.


In novice, up to 16 debaters will break to elimination rounds. Debaters must have at least a 4-2 record.


In varsity, we will break up to 32 debaters if we have 90 or fewer entries. Debaters must have a 4-2 record to clear. If the tournament goes over 90 entries, we will break up to 40 debaters. Our hard cap is 120 Varsity LD Debaters.


Entry fee: $110 per Varsity LD debater, $50 per Novice LD debater. This includes lunch on all three days and snacks throughout the tournament.


Judge requirement: In both Varsity and Novice, the first debaters in each division will owe 4 double-flighted (or 8 flights) of debate rounds. The next 2 (or fraction thereof) debaters beyond your first will add an additional 2 double-flighted (or 4 flights) of debate rounds. Entries beyond 3 will require 2 rounds (or 4 flights) per additional debater.

Note: Parents or judges without experience judging "national circuit" style Lincoln-Douglas debate may not cover judging obligations in Varsity LD. We expect schools to provide the same type of judge they would want their own teams to have.


To demonstrate:


Entries in VLD

1 entries = 4 rounds (can be covered by 1 judge)

2 entries = 6 rounds (can be covered by 1 judge)

3 entries = 6 rounds (can be covered by 1 judge)

4 entries = 8 rounds (can be covered by 2 judges)

5 entries = 10 rounds (can be covered by 2 judges)

6 entries = 12 rounds (can be covered by 2 judges)

7 entries = 14 rounds (can be covered by 3 judges)

… and so on.


Judges may not cover debaters in both divisions. You should run that table for each division separately.


ALL JUDGES are required through the end of Sunday. After Sunday, judges are required to stay one round past the elimination of your school’s last remaining debater.

Tentative Schedule:


8:00am Round 1

11:00am Round 2

2:00pm Round 3

5:00pm Round 4



8:00am Round 5

11:30am Round 6

2:30pm: Elim 1

5:00pm: Elim 2

** if possible, we will complete the novice division on Sunday, but teams should plan to staying on Monday in case it’s not possible.



8:00am Elim 3

11:00am Elim 4

1:00pm Elim 5

3:00pm Elim 6


Additional notes (coaches need to relay this information to all debaters):

    We agree with St. Marks that "
    We agree with Greenhill 'that a willingness to take part in a collective case list – in both spirit and in practice – is an essential characteristic to accepting the invitation to our event" in policy and LD debate. At minimum, we expect comprehensive 1ac information and representative negative information to be posted on the wiki: http://wiki.debatecoaches.org/

    All teams (in LD that is each debater - even in novice) must disclose arguments on the NDCA wiki, and must remain up during the duration of the tournament. 25 minutes before the scheduled start time, affirmatives must disclose which affirmative case they will be running, unless it is new. Affirmatives should have any case they have run on the wiki. If there are going to be changes, they should simply say that it is X case, but we’ve changed X. You don’t need to say what you’ve changed it to.

    Negatives should be ready to disclose negative positions they have run in previous rounds. This is NOT to say they must disclose the strategy they will use in the round.


Anything previously run should be on the wiki.


There is no excuse for not disclosing immediately following your round. If you are having trouble, please see one of the HW debaters.

  1. AUDIO RECORDING: All competitors must have an audio recording form on file with Tim Mahoney by Monday, December 10 at 5:00pm PST. His contact information is on the form, which can be found on the right sidebar.



  1. COIN FLIPS: Debaters meeting in elimination rounds must meet at the room 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the round. We will release pairings with at least 35 minutes before the start time. The same is true for 2nd flight debaters.