Arizona State HDSHC Invitational

2024 — Tempe, AZ/US

Speech Schedule

Event Buildings:

Drama/Humor: Stauffer Hall (STAUFF) and West Hall (WHALL)
Duo/POI: Art Hall (ART), College of Design North (CDN), and Stauffer Hall (STAUFF)
Extemp/Imp: Business Administration (BA) and Business Administration Center (BAC)
Oratory/Info: Business Administration (BA), Discovery Hall (DISC), Bulldog Hall (BDH)

Friday, January 5th

8am Judge Training LSE 106
8:30am Extemp Draw
9am Round I A (Pattern A: Drama, Duo, Extemp, Info)
10:30am Round I B (Pattern B: Humor, Impromptu, Oratory, POI)
1pm Extemp Draw
1:30pm Round II A
3pm Round II B
4:30pm Extemp Draw
5pm Round III A

Saturday, January 6th

8:30am Round III B
10am Round IV B
12pm Extemp Draw
12:30pm Round IV A
2pm B Quarterfinals
3:30pm Extemp Draw
4pm A Quarterfinals
5:30pm B Semifinals
6:30pm Extemp Draw (EDB L1-08)
7pm A Semifinals

Sunday, January 7th

8am EXT draw Social Sciences Building (SS 229)

8:30am (LSE 104) Extemp Finals, POI Finals (LSA 191)
10am (LSE 104) Impromptu Finals, Duo Finals (LSA 191)
11:30am (LSA 191) Informative Finals, Humor Finals (LSE 104)
1pm Original (LSE 104) Oratory Finals, Drama Finals (LSA 191)

3pm Speech Awards LSA 191