Arizona State HDSHC Invitational

2024 — Tempe, AZ/US


Welcome to the 2024 Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Invitational (HDSHCI)! Below you'll find some pertinent information for the outset of the tournament.

  1. HELP DESK is SS 218. Mary Joseph, our Assistant Director, will manage this in person and digitally ( and 480.382.9647). If you need to hand us a check, come to the help desk during the tournament.
  2. ASU has changed their weekend start time on all buildings, so no competition buildings will be open before 7:30. We have arranged for the Memorial Union to open at 7am both Friday and Saturday for those of you that arrive early. The MU will be open until 9pm. The MU will not open until 10am on Sunday.
  3. Important Student Buildings: LSA 191 is the student lounge (the MU is another good hang out). Extemp Prep will be in Business Administration C-wing 116 (BAC 116). This is just south of the MU, and all EXT rounds through QF will take place in BAC and BA.
  4. Important Judge Buildings: SS Atrium will have breakfast for judges, as well as coffee, water, and snacks throughout the tournament. LSE 106 is the dedicated SPEECH judge room (this is immediately east of the SS building). LSE 104 and SS 105 are also reserved for judges during downtime, but there will not be support staff in these rooms.
  5. Building information for events is located on the schedule pages for each event. We recommend the Arizona State University app for walking directions to buildings. There's also this interactive map:
  6. We have an FAQ for the most frequently asked questions as well.
  7. Buses can park in Lot 59 North (Northeast corner of Rural Rd and Rio Salado Parkway). Standard sized vehicles will need to find parking for pay around the Tempe campus.