NPDL Tournament of Champions

2023 — NSDA Campus, US


To apply to volunteer for the NPDL-TOC staff, please complete this application. The same application can be used to apply to volunteer for NPDL-Nationals staff.


TOC Director - Joel Jacobs

Tab Director - Rodda John

Tab Assistant - Charlie Synn

Judge Leads - Adam Martin and Katie Wilson

Topic Committee - Iain Lampert (Chair), Natalia (Rosie) Bultman, Antonina Clementi, Sam Timinsky, Gregg Williams

Protest Committee - Rachel Wear (Chair), Galib Kabir, Vy Linh Nguyen

Equity Committee - Mikendra McCoy (Equity Officer), Alyssa Conroy, Kathleen Clarke-Anderson

Judge Hiring Committee - Maya Bodnick, Joel Jacobs, Eliza Posner

Jargon Guide Editors - Esha Shah, Shujun Xiong

Judge Survey Editors - Nick Hansen, Julie Herman, Esha Shah

Round Recordings Coordinator - Matheno Frazier-Bey

Student Forum Directors - Cammie Hong and Rose Weathers