NPDL Tournament of Champions

2023 — NSDA Campus, US

Required Forms


There are two required forms.

1. Please submit one school consent form for all students from the same school. The school form is here, and is self uploading.

2. Each participant (debater, judge, coach, staff) must complete the TOC Forms pdf. It can be downloaded here, or through Tabroom (Entries/Changes-edit icon/Form). This is a fillable pdf that contains the Code of Conduct, conflicts disclosures, and liability/media release. It should be signed by the participant. If the participant is a minor, it should also be signed by their parent/guardian.

For debaters, the completed TOC forms pdf should be uploaded in Tabroom (Entries/Changes-edit icon)

For all other participants, please upload the completed TOC Forms Doc using the Upload Portal. Do not use the upload portal for debater forms.

The filename of the completed TOC Forms Doc should be "[Last Name of the Participant]_[First Name]" e.g., Harris_Kamala.

Competitors must upload completed forms by March 13. All other participants must upload them by March 27.

All judges must complete the Judge Preference Survey by March 24. The survey can be found here.