NPDL Tournament of Champions

2023 — NSDA Campus, US

Zoom Link for Judge Orientation/Equity Briefing/Judge Room

3/20/23 Announcements

1. There will be a prep session on Zoom onSaturday, March 25, at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern. The session will be designed for competitors who are unfamiliar with technical debate, and would like an overview of speed, theory, and kritiks. Everyone is welcome, but the session will probably be most helpful for people with little or no experience in this area, and who want to be able to respond more effectively if they encounter these phenomena at TOC. The session will be led by TOC Director Joel Jacobs and Curriculum Director Esha Shah. Here is the Zoom link. Please let your students know about the session.

2.Today is the deadline for payment/fee waiver requests, and judge registration/hire requests.You will find instructions ontabroom.Individual release forms, school confirmations, fees or waiver requests, and judge registration/hire requests should now all be submitted. If any of these are missing for your entry, please submit them immediately or email to discuss.


  1. Mandatory Judge Preference Survey is here. Judges, please complete this by March 24.
  2. If you have not yet submitted your individual or school forms, please do so by 5 pm Pacific today.


Please note that the schedule has been updated to reduce the amount of school missed; only one round on Friday.


Reminder that registration (for autoqual and regional at-large teams), and the wildcard at-large application for, are due in two days, on March 3!


The 2023 NPDL-TOC Topic Committee has released the followed topic areas: 1. Labor Rights 2. United States Supreme Court.


Dear Coaches and Qualified Competitors,

We are delighted to invite you to the 2023 NPDL Tournament of Champions, which will feature seven preliminary rounds of parliamentary debate, followed by elimination rounds. We will bring together the most successful high school parliamentary debaters in the United States for the premier tournament of the year.


Teams may autoqualify by earning 46 tournament points by March 1. If either or both members of a team have not autoqualified, they may earn a regional at-large bid by being one of the top teams from their region and/or apply for a wildcard at-large bid. Details are posted in the sidebar.




Autoqual teams and regional at-large teams must register on tabroom by March 3. Teams that wish to apply for a wildcard at-large bid should complete the application by March 3. A team that receives a wildcard at-large bid must accept the bid by registering on tabroom within 24 hours after being notified.

Release Forms

We require a parent release form for each competitor (which is combined with the Code of Conduct and Conflict Disclosure), and a school release form for each school. Detailed instructions will be posted in the sidebar soon.


The tournament will be held on March 31-April 2, and will be hosted on NSDA Campus. A detailed schedule will be posted in the sidebar.

Entry Fees

The entry fee is $80 per team. Schools that are not NPDL members will also be assessed a $50 Independent Entry Fee.

We highly prefer that you pay online through this link.

Checks should be mailed to:

Rodda John
257 Gold St. Apt 8B
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Checks should indicate the school name.


Each team must be covered by one judge, who must be at least 18 years old, a high school graduate, and have at least one year of experience judging, coaching, or competing in parliamentary debate.

The judges you bring are obligated until one round after all teams from your school are eliminated.

Hired judges will cost $375 per judge. You may request hired judges through Tabroom. Once a hired judge is assigned to you, you will be financially obligated for that hire even if you bring a judge. Please make your request by the deadline indicated under "Deadlines" in the sidebar.

Fee Waivers

If any of the above fees would be a hardship for you, please email the tournament director at


All fines must be cleared before elimination rounds are announced. Nuisance fines will be assessed for the following:


Team does not submit entry fees or hired judge fees prior to the posted deadline

Team has a judge add or change after the posted judge deadline

Team’s judge is more than ten minutes late to a round

Team’s judge submits a ballot less than fifteen minutes before the scheduled start of the next round (absent an unusual situation that the judge has communicated with tab about).


Team’s judge misses a single round


Team’s judge is missing for more than one round (does not stack on previous fine; $250 total fine)

Mutual Judging Preferences

We willuse mutual judging preferences to assign judges. Please contact us if you need assistance entering prefs. Any changes in the tournament’s intention to use prefs, or the timing or procedures, will be announced on in advance.

Dress Code

The dress code for TOC is that there is no dress code. Casual attire is encouraged.


Ordinarily, both members of a team should debate for every round. In unusual circumstances where one team member is ill, has technological problems, or otherwise unavailable, one member of a team may compete as a maverick for one preliminary round. The missing partner will be assigned 24 speaker points for the round. Mavericks may not compete in elimination rounds.

Host Future TOC?

If you might be interested in hosting NPDL-TOC in a future year, please fill out this form.

We are particularly looking for host sites in the New York Tri-State Area in 2024, San Francisco Bay Area in 2025, and Oregon or Southern California area in 2026.