Asynchronous Georgia Speech Scrimmage 4 hosted by Marist School

2022 — Asynchronous, GA/US

Negative Block Challenge

Speech Documents


“Negative Block Challenge” is defined as a two-person event where novice policy debaters give a practice 2NC and 1NR in response to a given 2AC. Teams should prepare for 30 minutes and then record their negative block. If possible, they should record the negative block as a single file. Prep time should not be recorded.


1. Assume the 1AC, 1NC, and 2AC in the document above.

2. Teams should prepare and deliver a Negative Block (an eight-minute 2NC speech followed by a five-minute 1NR speech.) The negative block must extend a complete strategy in the block, but can choose to do whatever they wanted to with whatever was left, but they couldn’t just have things hanging so if they were going to kick some thing they were going to kick it if they wanted to extend the counter plan and topicality, they could.

3. Teams have 30 minutes to prepare the speeches (and speech documents.)

4. Video record the speech using a laptop or a phone. Name and save the recording.

5. Upload the recording to Google Drive and share it with your coach — make sure to give them “editing” access, not just “viewing” access.