Westwood Bowl TFA ETOC

2022 — Austin, TX/US

Judge Obligation Split (For Parent and Student Judges)

We understand that speech and debate is a community-based event and sometimes parent/student judges might not be able to cover a whole judging obligation for both Friday and Saturday. 

We will allow judges to split their obligation(s) with others under these conditions:
(Example: parent A covers obligation for Friday and parent B covers Saturday)

- The obligation split only applies to debate judges.
(Speech judges must be available on Saturday for the whole day)

 - It is the school's job to communicate with their judges and provide the details for an obligation split. 
(You can do this by either emailing the judges' timeslots to condobad@gmail.com or by "leaving a note" under the judge's name when registering them. The tournament director will manually enter these judges into the corresponding judging pools for either Friday or Saturday).

- Judges are NOT ALLOWED to pass their obligation to another individual during the day of the tournament that they signed up for.
(Example: a judge passing their obligation for round 3 to another individual on Friday after judging round 1 and 2. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED)

- "Half of an obligation" is not allowed. You cannot provide a judge for ONLY 1 day of the tournament and pay for the other day. If your judge can only cover Friday only, you must find another judge that can cover the other half of the obligation for Saturday, vice versa.