Heart of Texas Invitational

2016 — Dallas, TX/US

Sophomore Hoe Down schedule and information

Due to an overwhelming amount of interest we have expanded the field to 32 teams. We will still have four pods and each team will debate every other team in their pod. This year we have expanded elimination rounds to allow two teams from each pod to advance and we will start elims with quarterfinals.

Schools interested in entering teams in the Sophomore Hoe Down should attempt to enter via tabroom.com. Teams will automatically be placed on the waiting list. Then send an email application to the HOT tournament director at pacedebate@gmail.com as soon as possible. We will use a rolling admissions process and so applying early will definitely enhance your chances of obtaining an entry. Applications should include last year’s tournament records for each team. Invitee’s will be notified on or before September 15.

The entry fee also includes an invitation to the Senior Speaker’s Breakfast on Monday at the Hotel.  Awards will be given to the elimination round teams and the top five speakers.

The Tournament Format:  Teams will be divided into four pods. Teams will debate each team in their pod with the two top ranked teams in each pod advancing into elimination rounds. Ties will be broken in the following order: head to head, adjusted speaker points (drop high and low), double adjusted speaker points, total speaker points. The format for debate will be 8-3-5 with 10 minutes preparation time per side.

Speaker points will use the 30 point scale with tenth points allowed.

Judging:  In order to have two judges in every debate, each school will be required to provide judging for all seven preliminary rounds and two elimination rounds. Schools with a team advancing to elimination rounds will be obligated to judge all elimination rounds. We do not allow high school students to judge in the Hoe Down. Judge changes less than 7 days before the tournament will be charged $50 in addition to other relevant fees.

The entry fee will be $175.00 per team.

Sophomore Hoe Down Schedule

Thursday, October 13th – Online check in begins and continues through Friday night

5:00 pm – Online check in begins

After you arrive in Dallas, log onto tabroom.com Thursday night after 5 pm. Please do not complete online check in until you are actually in Dallas. There will be a tab for "Online check in" or something similar. The directions should be easy to follow essentially confirming no changes to your entry. All fees should be paid and no judge changes are allowed except for emergency circumstances. 99% of you should be able to check in this way. There will be a fee of $200 if you register electronically without actually being in Dallas. Please don't force me to assess this fee.

Saturday October 15th - St. Mark's

8 am     Round 1

10 am   Round 2

Noon     Lunch provided by the tournament

1 pm     Round 3

3 pm     Round 4

5 pm     Round 5

Sunday October 16th - St. Mark's

8 am     Round 6

10 am   Round 7

Noon    Lunch provided by the tournament

1:30 pm     Quarterfinals

4 pm    Semifinals

6:30 pm     Awards

7:00 pm  Finals

Monday October 17th  - Sheraton Galleria

8:30 am    Senior Speakers Breakfast -  (All Sophomore Hoe Down participants are invited)