Heart of Texas Invitational

2016 — Dallas, TX/US

LD Schedule and information

Entries input before Sept. 15 are on a waiting list and will be moved into the tournament when fees and/or a PO is received IF they are received before September 15. All entries after September 15 will be put on a true waiting list.

Lincoln-Douglas debates will be held on the St. Mark's campus Saturday and Sunday. Elimination rounds on Monday will be held at the Sheraton Galleria.

Each school is invited to enter up to ten varsity Lincoln Douglas debaters. You MUST cover the judging commitment for every LD entry. ALL judges are obligated through competition on Sunday night or one round past their school's elimination, whichever is LONGER.

We will use the Sept./Oct. NFL LD resolution.

Each LD entry must provide 3 rounds of qualified judging. One judge may cover 2 entries from the same school – just enter 6 rounds on tabroom.com. One judge is not allowed to cover two entries from different schools.

Each judge provided is committed to judge one round beyond the school’s elimination from the tournament.


The entry fee for each LD entry will be $100.

We will not break brackets should competitors from the same school meet in elimination rounds.


Please have each of your judges submit their judging philosophy to http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/. Failure to do so prior to October 1 may result in a $50 fee as will judge changes made after mpj is activated. In extreme circumstances we reserve the right to remove your entries for your failure to provide acceptable judging.

Time limits are 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 5 minutes prep

Lincoln Douglas Debate Schedule

MPJ sheets are due Thursday at midnight

Thursday, October 13th – Online Check in begins and continues through Friday night midnight

5:00 pm – Online check in begins

There will be a fee of $200 if you register electronically without actually being in Dallas. Please don't force me to assess this fee.

Saturday, October 15th – at St. Mark's

7:00 am            Pairings released

8:00 am            Round I

10:30 am           Round II

12:30 pm           Lunch

2:00 pm            Round III

5:00 pm            Round IV

Sunday, October 16th – at St. Mark's

7:30 am            Pairings released

8:00  am           Round V

11:00 am          Round VI

2:00 pm            Speaker Awards and Double Octos Announced

3:00 pm            Double Octos

6:00 pm            Octos

Monday, October 17th - at the Sheraton Galleria

9:00 am            Quarterfinal Round


11:00 am          Semifinal Round

1:00 pm            Final Round