Heart of Texas Invitational

2016 — Dallas, TX/US

Thank you for your interest in the Heart of Texas Invitational. This year our tournament dates are Oct. 14-17, 2016.

We have a NEW tournament hotel - The Sheraton Galleria. All PF, Congress and IE competition will take place there. Elimination rounds for LD and policy will take place there. You must make reservations by Sept. 13. Please use the tournament hotel. You can obtain more information by clicking on the link on the right.

IE and PF competition will be on Oct. 14-15 at The Sheraton Galleria.

Policy, LD and Sophomore Hoe Down competition will take place on the St. Mark's campus Oct. 15-16. Elimination round competition starting with quarterfinals in LD and CX will take place on Monday Oct. 17 at The Sheraton Galleria. All judges in Policy, LD and Sophomore Hoe Down competition are obligated until the end of competition on Sunday night or one elimination round past their last competitors elimination, whichever is longer.

Students must represent the school they attend to compete in our tournament. No hybrids, etc.

All competitors must be accompanied to Dallas by an employee of the school the students represent. 


To compete in LD, policy debate or the sophomore hoe down students must have their parents complete a permission form allowing them to be audio taped. A link to that form is on the right hand side of the screen.


A very common question is about "Numbers in your Party" option.


That is the total number of people attending the tournament with your school. Use that to make sure your meal charges are accurate. Tabroom will assess entry fees for students on the waiting list but it won't assess meal fees for students on the waiting list. So your invoice will probably show something like:
0 individual students at x 40
if you had 1 policy team entered you can use the "Number in your party" as 2 plus any people you are bringing to the tournament that aren't judging or competing but will be eating. Or, if you know you will bringing judges that you have not entered yet you can use that "Number in your party" field to make sure that your invoice balances at the end of the tournament.
After your entries are let in to the tournament, when I receive your fees it will look like you still owe money but I'll go in and change it.
I apologize for the inconvenience.


Fees lock on October 1. We usually have long waiting lists. We want to make sure that we can host as many guests as possible. We also want to make sure we can meet our financial commitments based on our entries on Oct. 1 which is when we begin confirming food orders, trophies, etc. If there are extenuating circumstances that make a few of your entries in some way "unsure" let us know so we can work with you otherwise you will be charged for the entries you have as of Oct. 1.