Alabama State 2022

2022 — Birmingham, AL/US


Items to Note:


Each school must provide at least one judge for each area in which the school competes. You may hire AFTER you provide at least one judge in the category.


Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Congressional Debate, Big Questions Debate, and Individual Events are separate areas.


All judges must be graduates of high school. Varsity can not judge novice at this tournament.


AND, judges must also be available to judge one round after the respective school has been eliminated from competition, should their team continue beyond quarterfinals in debate events.


Finally, all coaches must be on hand to judge until all final rounds have been completed. There are no exceptions to this rule.




  • Individual Events:  One judge per five entries or fraction thereof.

  • Congressional Debate: One judge per 6 entries or fraction thereof.

  • Debate Events:

    • One judge for every two policy debate entries or fraction thereof.

    • One judge per every 2 LD, PF, and BQ entries or fraction thereof.

For debate:

Please provide judges. Because of the nature of this tournament, we MUST single flight this tournament. This is only possible with enough judges. It is extremely important that you try your hardest to fill your quota.

We will also implement a no disclosure policy, just like Districts. While we wish we could allow for disclosure, we cannot be go too late into the night because schools have to travel back home. Judge disclosure adds a lot of time to the schedule and we have to get through at least 8 debate rounds in a day.