Berkeley High School Parli Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Topic Strike Procedure

Topic Strike/Prep Procedure - 2022 Berkeley High Parli Invitational


There will be topic strikes for all rounds.


Debaters and judges should be in the room prior to the start time. If anyone is missing, please email with your school/name, division, room number, and information about who is missing.


If the judge and one team are present, the present team selects the topic.

If both teams are present but the judge is not, they should proceed with topic strikes and prep.


At the round start time, topics will be blasted to judges, and posted in the livedoc.


Opp has 60 seconds to strike one topic. Gov then has 60 seconds to strike a topic. 20 minutes prep time then begins. The remaining topic and prep end time should be entered into the chat window.


Teams need not remain in the room for prep time. They may use the Internet to prep, but may not consult with any person after topics are released, other than the judge and other debaters in the round. They may not perform further research after the first speech starts.