FGCCFL Grand Finals

2022 — Tampa, FL/US

Congress Information

All schools with Student Congress entries must submit at least one satisfactory bill/resolution (B/R) for consideration for the docket. Up to four B/R (one per student) may be submitted for consideration. All Congress entries will be waitlisted until satisfactory legislation from their school has been submitted and confirmed.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Legislation must be written using the templates on the FGCCFL website, saved in Microsoft Word (.docx) format, and uploaded to Tabroom no later than 9:00 p.m. on Monday, February 14. The legislation will be reviewed, and a docket (including Super Congress legislation) will be published on the Thursday before Tournament Week. All chambers will use the same docket.

ADVANCE REVIEW: Coaches only may request advance review of their legislation by emailing it to Josh Schneider <josh@fgccfl.net>. Please send an attachment, NOT a link to cloud storage. Allow 48 hours for a response.

PRESIDING OFFICERS: Coaches may designate any or all of their Congress entries as Presiding Officer nominees by registering the student in both "Student Congress" and "Student Congress PO."