FGCCFL Grand Finals

2022 — Tampa, FL/US

Registration Instructions

Only the head coach should register for the tournament. Registration will close at 9 PM on Tuesday, February 22. Registration WILL NOT be accepted after the deadline or by any means other than Tabroom unless directed to do so. Pay attention to your school registration for students in correct events, judges in correct divisions, judge conflicts, and IE script information. Please have registration confirmed before registering the team on Tabroom.

Title Requirement for IE: Selection titles and other information MUST be provided for all entries in scripted events.

OO—Provide the title of the speech

Dec—Provide the title, original speaker, and date/circumstances under which the speech was delivered

DP and Duo—Provide the title, author, and publication data of the source.

OI—In the Title field, enter the program titles separated by a slash: Prose / Poetry. In the Bibliography field, provide the title, author, and publication data for each individual work in both programs.

Changes: Drops may be made during tournament week but will forfeit the registration and host/lunch fees. All changes made after the close of registration but before Tournament Day must be reported to Paul Jannereth at <pjannereth@cdspatriots.org>.

NOTE: The Executive Committee will levy additional tournament fees of $25.00 for any dropped entry on Tournament Day ($50.00 for hidden drops), and for any missing judge at call.

Tournament Day Registration

7:30-8:00 a.m. in the Library. Only the team coach or principal approved designee should proceed through the registration line. Coaches should have registration/codes printed from Tabroom.

Coaches are REQUIRED to attend Grand Finals except for an extreme emergency reported ASAP to Dr. Terri St. John. A conflicting event will not be considered an emergency.

Students should report to the Cafeteria. Judges should report to the Library.