California Invitational Berkeley Debate

2022 — Berkeley, CA/US

World Schools Motions

The 2022 California Invitational will use the following prepared motions:

Round 1 & 2 (teams will debate opposite sides):

This House believes that colleges and universities should not use standardized test results in admissions criteria.


Round 6 & First Elim (teams will debate opposite sides):

This House would not support US military intervention in Ukraine.



This House supports the use of geoengineering technology to reduce the effects of climate change.


Impromptu motions will be released on the pairing for each impromptu round, and will be updated here. Impromptu round parings/motions will be released approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to start time to allow for a full hour of prep.


There will not be a roll call or monitored prep. When the pairing comes out, prep with your team and go to your room 15m before the scheduled start time.

Impromptu Motions:

Round 3 - This House would ban the use of personal data for targeted online advertising.

Round 4 - This House supports a universal basic income.

Round 5 - This House believes presidential elections should be publicly funded.

Semis - This House regrets the invention of cryptocurrency.


R1 (prepared) - Saturday 8:00am (pairings released 7:30am)
R2 (prepared) - Saturday 11:15am (pairings released 10:30am)
R3 (impromptu) - Saturday 3:00pm (pairings/motion released at 1:45pm)
R4 (impromptu) - Saturday 6:30pm (pairings/motion released at 5:15pm)

R5 (impromptu) - Sunday 8:30am (pairings/motion released 7:15am)
R6 (prepared) - Sunday 11:15am (pairings released 10:30am)
First elim (prepared) - Sunday 3:00pm (pairings released 1:45pm)
Second elim (impromptu) - Sunday 6:30pm (pairings/motion released 5:15pm)

Remaining elims - Monday 8:30am-4:00pm (pairings/motion released 7:15am)