California Invitational Berkeley Debate

2022 — Berkeley, CA/US

COVID Guidelines

2022 California Invitational COVID Guidelines

We’re pleased to be hosting you in-person at the California Invitational! For the health and safety of all attendees, please read and abide by the following guidelines.


The tournament will adhere to all relevant policies from the CDC, U.C. Berkeley, and state and local authorities.


Attendees are responsible for abiding by all requirements from their host institutions.


COVID guidance and local regulations are a rapidly changing area. All tournament guidelines are therefore subject to modification at any time.

Tournament COVID Guidelines

  • All attendees are solely responsible for following all guidelines from your institution. The California Invitational accepts no responsibility or liability for the health of tournament attendees. All participation in the tournament is at your own risk.

  • Vaccination against COVID-19 is strongly recommended for all tournament attendees. University policy prohibits the tournament from inquiring about the vaccination status of attendees for events like this, so there is no tournament vaccination requirement.

  • Masks are currently required indoors in all buildings on the U.C. Berkeley campus while not actively speaking/performing. Masks must fully cover the nose and mouth and have no visible holes or openings.

  • Attendees should avoid all large gatherings outside attendees from your own school. Observers in all rounds will be limited to one adult from each competitor’s school. Please consider NOT observing rounds, even where allowed, to minimize the number of people in each room.

  • You should not travel if sick or recently exposed to COVID. All attendees should self-monitor for symptoms, and should immediately withdraw from the tournament and self-isolate if any COVID symptoms develop. Please help keep your fellow attendees safe.

  • All attendees are strongly encouraged to take a COVID-19 test prior to travel to the tournament, even if not symptomatic.

  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 while at the tournament, you should immediately contact local medical care (several options are listed below), NOT the tournament. We are not medical professionals, and we cannot provide you with any kind of medical care or supervision. If you need to withdraw from the tournament, you can do so by emailing  the tabroom.

Tournament changes

Here are some of the changes you may notice at the tournament designed to help keep attendees safe:


  • No in-person registration - all registration will be done online via Tabroom. Video rooms will be available to talk to a tournament official for any changes or questions.


  • No in-person awards ceremony - the tournament will have awards pickup available on Sunday night and Monday, and will announce winners in a virtual awards ceremony.


  • No large non-competition gatherings - for example, there will not be a dedicated judges lounge or judge pooling location, and all tabrooms will be virtual.


  • Potential outdoor competition spaces - some (not all) competition spaces may be held outdoors in weather-proof venues if necessary. Participants are encouraged to dress warmly in the event of inclement weather. We are working on securing additional indoor space and considering capping entries to make this unnecessary. If utilized, we will do our best to ensure outdoor spaces are weather-proof, with lighting, power, heat, etc.


Medical Care Options

If you are experiencing symptoms or need medical care, here are some of the closest facilities to the U.C Berkeley campus. The tournament can not provide medical care or supervision.


University Health Services, Tang Center

2222 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720-4300

(510) 642-2000

The UHS Tang Center is located on Bancroft Way at the southwest corner of campus, between Ellsworth and Fulton (Oxford) Streets.

Open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-4 Sat and Sun


Berkeley Urgent Care

2500 Milvia Street, Berkeley, CA, 94704

(510) 204-5514

Open 8-5 every day


Carbon Health Urgent Care

2920 Telegraph Ave, #Suite 100, Berkeley CA 94705

(510) 686-3621

Open 9-7 every day


Lifelong Urgent Care

2001 Dwight Way #1388, Berkeley CA 94704-2608

(510) 204-7979

Open 9-5 Mon-Sat, closed Sun.


Alta Bates Campus Emergency Department

2450 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94705

(510) 204-1303

Open 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a vaccine requirement to attend the tournament?

A: No. U.C. Berkeley policy prohibits the tournament from inquiring about the vaccination status of attendees. Proof of vaccination may still be required by other entities, for example indoor dining in the city of Berkeley.


Q: Are masks required?

A: As of now, U.C. Berkeley policy requires mask wearing indoors in all University buildings while not actively speaking/performing. Masks are also required in most indoor public locations in California, including restaurants.


Q: What should I do if I get sick while at the tournament?

A: You should seek medical help immediately. Several options for urgent care are included above. The tournament cannot assist you with medical issues, treatment, or supervision. If you determine that you need to withdraw from the tournament, you can do so by emailing the tournament tabroom.


Q: Doesn’t the tournament have to require vaccination if it has more than 1000+ attendees or qualifies as a “mega event?”

A: No - those regulations refer to events with 1000+ people in one physical location, such as a graduation ceremony. The University does not currently allow vaccination requirements for events with people physically distributed across campus in small groups, even if the total number exceeds 1000 people.


Q: Why do you have to host some rooms outside?

A: We are working to make this unnecessary, but due to COVID-related changes with University planning and venue capacity restrictions, the Campus is only allowing access to half as many indoor rooms as prior years, and holding events outdoors is strongly encouraged by the University to minimize COVID risks. We are doing our best to accommodate as many people that want to attend as we can. If we end up utilizing them, the outdoor spaces we are considering are extremely expensive to set up, but we will do our best to ensure they have adequate lighting, power, and options for heat.


Additional Resources

U.C. Berkeley Coronavirus regulations and resources:


City of Berkeley Coronavirus resources:


State of California Coronavirus resources:


CDC Coronavirus resources: