California Invitational Berkeley Debate

2022 — Berkeley, CA/US

COVID Guidelines

2022 California Invitational COVID Guidelines

The 2022 tournament will be held online. Attendees are responsible for abiding by all requirements from their host institutions.


COVID guidance and local regulations are a rapidly changing area. All tournament guidelines are therefore subject to modification at any time.

Tournament COVID Guidelines

  • All attendees are solely responsible for following all guidelines from your institution. The California Invitational accepts no responsibility or liability for the health of tournament attendees. All participation in the tournament is at your own risk.

  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 while at the tournament, you should immediately contact local medical care, NOT the tournament. We are not medical professionals, and we cannot provide you with any kind of medical care or supervision. If you need to withdraw from the tournament, you can do so by emailing  the tabroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if I get sick while at the tournament?

A: You should seek medical help immediately. The tournament cannot assist you with medical issues, treatment, or supervision. If you determine that you need to withdraw from the tournament, you can do so by emailing the tournament tabroom.