California Invitational Berkeley Debate

2022 — Berkeley, CA/US


2022 California Invitational
Hosted by Berkeley Debate
February 19-21, 2022


This is your formal invitation to the 2022 California Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament, to be held February 19-21, 2022.

We plan to hold our usual offering of both speech and debate events for this year's tournament in-person on the UC Berkeley campus for all three days of competition, and we will also be offering additional online events to accommodate anyone who is unable to travel to campus. In the event COVID conditions cause the University to shut down on-campus events, we will move all entries to the online events and refund the difference in cost.


Entry Procedures and Waitlist



To enter the tournament you will need to mail a check for the amount owed on Tabroom. See your Tabroom invoice on the “Money” tab of your entry for additional payment details.

Every year we have a waitlist for all events. You will not be guaranteed a spot until you submit payment. To increase your chance of being cleared from the waitlist we strongly recommend that you submit payment well before the January 10th late entry deadline. Do not make any non-refundable travel arrangements until your entries have been moved off the waitlist on Tabroom and into the tournament.

All entries, accompanied by fees, must be received by January 10th in order to avoid late fees. Any entries received after January 10th will be assessed a $25 late fee per entry. Any entries received after February 1 will be assessed a $50 late fee per entry. It is also VERY possible that we will have to turn away late entries due to space limitations.

The drop deadline is also January 10th. You will not be refunded for drops subsequent to this date.

Events and Divisions

All events will be offered as separate divisions in-person and online, except the Middle School events, which are online only.

Policy Debate
Varsity CX


Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Varsity LD


Public Forum Debate
Varsity PF
Middle School PF (Online only)


World Schools Debate

  Varsity World Schools Debate


Congressional Debate
Varsity Congressional Debate
Middle School Congressional Debate (Online only)


Dramatic Interpretation
Humorous Interpretation
Duo Interpretation
Extemporaneous Speaking
Impromptu Speaking
Informative Speaking
Original Oratory
Program Oral Interpretation

Our current plan is to host online events on NSDA Campus.

We reserve the right to cancel or combine divisions with insufficient entries, and will notify participants in advance of any COVID-related changes.


All divisions (in-person and online) will receive trophies.

New this year, we will also be offering online-only Middle School Public Forum and Middle School Congress divisions, with schedules designed specifically for your younger students.

There will be 3 rounds of in-person individual events, and 4 rounds in online divisions. Online divisions of individual events will be synchronous. Specific event schedules will be released in advance of the tournament - tentative schedules are available at the link on the right.

Students may double enter in-person in speech and debate, and may double enter in speech events. All double entry is at a student’s own risk. No accommodations will be made for a student missing a round due to double entry. Students may triple enter in online speech events.

Students may not enter both in-person and online divisions.


The in-person divisions (or online if the entire tournament is held virtually) are a Tournament of Champions qualifier in the following:
Double Octafinals in Silver PF
Octafinals in Gold PF
Octafinals in CX
Octafinals in LD
Top 6 in Congress
Speech events according to size

We are also working with the TOC to request expanding the available bid options at the tournament beyond just the in-person divisions. Once the TOC has an official policy, we will send out an update.


Policy Debate will use the 2021-2022 NSDA topic.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate will use the 2021-2022 January-February NSDA topic.

Public Forum Debate will use the February 2022 NSDA topic.

Judge Commitments

Judge commitments for each event are listed as part of your Tabroom entry. Note that judges may not double enter events, and in-person judges may not be used as online judges, or vice versa.

All judges are committed through the first elim on Monday (usually the Double Octafinals depending on event size), or one round beyond the elimination of your teams, whichever is later. Even if your school doesn’t have any teams in elimination rounds, your judges are still committed through the first elimination round on Monday. Elim judging commitments also apply in all divisions of an event so if you have a JV team in your Varsity judges are still committed and vice versa.

If you have judges who can only come for certain days/rounds there is a way to indicate that on Tabroom. After you have entered the judge there will be a link for “Availability.” When you click on that link you will be able to turn off judges for particular round/days. It’s very important that you enter that information into the website to avoid missed judging fees.

Hired Judging

The tournament will have limited hired judging available. All judge hire requests should be submitted via Tabroom. Hired judging fees are not refundable.

If you would like to be hired as a judge by the tournament (and are not already obligated for a full commitment with a school), contact us at


The penalty for a judge failing to report to an assigned round is $75 per round. This fine is assessed even when a replacement judge is found.

All entry fees, late fees, and any other penalties/fines must be paid in full before a team will be allowed to advance to the elimination rounds (or the next elim).

Decision Times

Decision times will be strictly enforced. Policy rounds must be decided two hours after the announced start time, and LD/PF rounds must be decided fifty five minutes after the announced start time.

Covid Safety Protocols

We will utilize the best practices and any rules and regulations required by the University for in-person events or recommended by the CDC. Current policies can be viewed on the "COVID Guidelines" page on the sidebar.


All students must be entered in the tournament by an authorized adult (e.g. school coach, parent, or club representative). An adult must be in attendance at the tournament with students at all times.

Maverick teams are not permitted to enter prior to the tournament. If a team becomes maverick due to illness of a partner during the tournament, the ill debater may miss no more than 2 debates to be able to return and continue debating. Mavericks may win the debate. Mavericks will not be permitted to clear to elimination rounds.

Hybrid teams (entries from more than one school/club) are not allowed.

Hotel Information

Hotel block information is available in the "Hotel Info" page on the sidebar. Additional hotel blocks are under negotiation and will be added as soon as details are available.

We look forward to hosting you this year!

Berkeley Debate