Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational

2022 — Colleyville, TX/US

Tournament Covid-19 Protocols

Returning to in person tournaments is a privilege. Some of you may have already attended other in-person tournaments. Many of you may be experiencing the in person tournament for the first time. In any case, it is important that we establish expectations for behavior. We expect the following from our participant competitors, coaches, and judges.

First, you will find a link below to the TFA document which outlines protocol for in person tournaments during the ongoing pandemic. We will follow these guidelines. Most importantly (and to summarize) we expect the following:

1. All tournament participants regardless of vaccination status will be expected to wear masks at all times. The exception will be when persons are speaking.

2. Competition spaces will be designed to allow for social distancing. We will follow social distancing practices as best we can in public spaces such as the cafeteria. 

3. All schools will expected to submit the form found on the website that not only recognizes you as a degree granting institution and that all students are students at that institution, but also that you will adhere to the guidelines that have been outlined. That form will also be used for contact tracing. Please be prepared to provide information if a competitor is diagnosed with Covid so that we can contact others who may have been exposed.

Here is the link to the TFA document. You may find the form that will need to be submitted on the website.