Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational

2022 — Colleyville, TX/US

World Schools Debate Schedule

We will follow the NSDA/TFA rules for this event. Once we know the prepared motions for the spring, we will post what we are using here. We will also post links to some documents that better explain and help you with the scoring of this event. Expect those to be added in the coming weeks.


World Schools Debate Schedule


Friday, February 4


4:30pm         Announce Round 1 motion

4:45pm         Mandatory Judge Training

5:30pm         Round 1 (Impromptu)

7:00pm         Round 2 (Prepared)

8:30pm         Round 3 (Prepared)


Saturday, February 5


9:00am          Announce Round 4 motion

10:00am          Round 4 (Impromptu)

12:00pm       Round 5 (Prepared)

2:00pm         Announce First Elim motion

3:00pm         First Elim (Impromptu)

5:00pm         Second Elim (Prepared)

8:00pm         Third Elim (Prepared)


Order of the Prepared Motions


Round 1        Impromptu Motion


Round 2       This House would hold social media companies to the same libel standards as traditional forms of media (i.e.                           newspapers, etc.) for the content they publish.


Round 3.     This House regrets the increased focus of higher education on STEM at the expense of the liberal arts.


Round 4        Impromptu Motion          


Round 5       This House would re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal


Elim 1             Impromptu Motion


Elim 2.           This House would provide long-term rent forgiveness for recently unemployed persons


Elim 3.           In a post COVID-19 world, this House believes that developing countries should prioritize the growth of their                            domestic industries over foreign trade.