Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational

2022 — Colleyville, TX/US

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


Varsity CX Debate         $50.00

Novice CX Debate          $40.00


Varsity LD Debate          $40.00

                       Novice LD Debate        $30.00


Varsity PF Debate          $40.00

Novice PF Debate           $30.00


World Schools Debate     $40.00


Individual Event Entry    $20.00


Congressional Debate     $25.00


Uncovered Debate Judge $225.00

Uncovered IE Judge        $125.00



We respectfully request that you submit payment prior to or immediately after the tournament. Some form of payment must be produced prior to registration. That could come in the form of a school check or school purchase order (please be willing to provide information about processing).  If fees are still outstanding after the tournament, an invoice including drops, no shows, and judge fees will be sent to each school during the week following the tournament. We will update all financial information on within 24 hours of the receipt of any fees.


We must insist on these guidelines. Since we are scheduled on one of the last weekends in the TFA qualifying season, we will trust that you will act in a professional fashion and pay your fees. If we have not received some indication of your willingness to pay fees within 10 days of the TFA state tournament, we will notify TFA officials who may then take the appropriate steps to restrict participation in the TFA state tournament. Please do not place us in that potentially awkward position. We respectfully request that you bring fees with you or make appropriate plans to pay the fees in a timely fashion.

Please submit your fees to:

Colleyville Heritage High School

c/o David Huston

5401 Heritage Ave

Colleyville, TX  76034