Rogers Heritage War Eagle Classic

2021 — NSDA Campus, AR/US

US Extemporaneous Topics 11/16

Prelim Round 1 - US Domestic Politics

Prelim Round 2 - US Domestic Issues

Semi Finals - US Economy

Finals - Biden Administration

US Extemporaneous Topic Question Samples for War Eagle Classic

Supreme Court’s decision and Roe vs. Wade is in danger?

Counties in Maryland join West Virginia?

States to resist the enforcement of federal vaccine mandate?

Get rid of the filibuster?

Housing market crash?

Biden administration and self-driving cars?

China in space a threat to US?

Democrats losing faith in Biden?

Is free College dead?

Should Harris run in place of Biden?

The NBA and China?

Jerome Powell for another term?

School board elections the key to conservative majorities?

Democratic leadership and Senators in line with party colleagues?

Unionize Amazon?

Republican opponents of Trump running?

Biden and the support of the progressive Democrats?

Consequences of the House and Bannon contempt?

Biden and America’s nuclear arsenal to international threats?

Problems with desire to work from home?

Biden and Climate Plan through Congress?

The US and severe supply chain problems?

Cause of increased natural gas prices in the United States?

The United States and negative impacts from climate change?

States and election monitoring influenced by partisan politics?

 Mass shootings in the US and the pro-gun lobby?

Biden and American progressives?

Sectarianism and American democracy?

COVID-19, America, and the next pandemic?

United States and availability of COVID vaccines to the homeless?

Improve the Federal Elections Commission?

Amazon employees and union movement growth?

Federal government response to police violence?

Arkansas’s top economic priority?

The IRS be given more resources to combat tax evasion?

US soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated?

Inflation threat to the US economy?

The Fed and Wells Fargo?

Biden a one-term president?

The decline in the US poverty rate?

The federal government and the increase of skilled workers?

The impact of expiring COVID-19 unemployment benefits?

American businesses and unfilled jobs?