2021 Cal Parli Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US


1. The US federal government should provide significant military aid to the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan.


2. On balance, ASEAN's stance of non-intervention in the domestic politics of its member states does more harm than good.


3. This House would ban private K-12 schools.


4. This House would give adult adoptees access to their birth records.


5. This House regrets the end of active conscription into the US Armed Forces.


O.a. Working to abolish capitalism is a better way to address climate change than working to reform capitalism is.

O.b. The US federal government should prohibit its citizens from investing in businesses headquartered in the People’s Republic of China.

O.c. Your partner of one year has just broken up with you, and has given only a very generic explanation of the reasons. A friend tells you about a mind-reader who can tell you the true reasons your partner broke up with you.

Resolved: You should learn the true reasons.


Elim 2

1. This House prefers a post-COVID-pandemic world in which most high school parli tournaments are online to a post-COVID-pandemic world in which most high school parli tournaments are in person.

2. When the two are in conflict, this House should prioritize universal basic income over means-tested welfare programs.

3. Finley, Harley, and Riley are tied to the tracks, about to be run over and killed by a runaway trolley. Morgan is standing on a bridge above the tracks. If Morgan were to fall off the bridge in the next 5 seconds, Morgan would get run over and killed by the trolley, which would stop the trolley in its tracks. This is the only way to save Finley, Harley, and Riley.

Resolved: This House would push Morgan off the bridge.


Elim 3

1. The casting for Jewish characters in TV and film should be indifferent to whether the actors are Jewish.


2. This House regrets the invention of cryptocurrency.


3. This House regrets the practice of offering financial incentives to participate in medical research studies.



1. The US should adopt a no-first-use pledge for nuclear weapons.

2. The US federal government should enact a rule that the losing side in civil litigation should pay the winning side’s attorney’s fees.

3. This House would seek to become a nuclear-armed nation.