California High School Speech Association State Championship

2021 — Online, CA/US

Help! My tech isn't working

* Please note, we will fill out more useful links and information on this page as the tournament draws closer, including contact information for our help desk *


If there are connection issues during a live round, judges may not provide students private video conferencing links, personal phone numbers, or other potentially unsafe solutions. Safety is our #1 priority. If there are connection issues, or if you are a student and a judge tries to get you to privately contact them somehow, please contact the Help Desk immediately. Any judge found to be trying to privately communicate with students will be removed from the tournament immediately and the school supplying the judge will face a fine if they cannot provide an alternate.  

If a speech competitor has a connection issue during a live speech round, the judge should give them 20 minutes (two speech cycles) to fix their connection. In the meantime, the round may continue. If the student is able to fix their connection, the judge should have them speak next. 

If a student is not able to fix their connection within 20 minutes, they/ their coach need to immediately contact the Help Desk either by telephone or email with "URGENT" in the subject. At this time, the Help Desk will have someone from Tab bring the pre-recorded video link to the round and that will be judged. This should be done only as an absolute last resort after all other attempts have bene made to fix the connection.

If there are connection issues during a debate or congress round, please contact the Help Desk immediately and our support staff can offer solutions to work around this problem.