California High School Speech Association State Championship

2021 — Online, CA/US

Info About Judging

The general judge policy for State 2021 is 1 judge for 3 entries and any portion thereof. Unfortunately, we cannot accept first year out judges. The more notes you put on a judge regarding their experience-level and preferences, the more we can try our best to accommodate their specialization or unique needs (we will try, but can't promise given the size of this tournament).

Given the virtual nature of our competition, please don't hesitate to reach out to former students and community members to help cover your competition; we have a great opportunity to have an extremely qualified, very diverse judge pool this year!

Speech prelims will take place Monday April 19- Thursday April 22 asynchronously. This means that Monday morning, judges will receive their slate of rounds to judge and can judge at their leisure by Thursday evening. 



Due to switching up the schedule to accommodate online competition in a not totally unbearable way, we have a tremendous judge obligation to cover all day Saturday for debate. It's a lot. To get each of those first four debate rounds off, we need 160 non-conflicted, live, available judges. While we need a lot of speech judges, the asynchronous nature of speech competition makes that a lot easier to manage (I hope, at least).

So, all of that is to say: if you're a coach with a big speech entry, but you have a swarm of folks who would be happy to judge debate Saturday, please email me ( I am happy to manually adjust your judge placement so your requirement is met, but in a way that makes sure your judges are there to help us with those debate rounds. And if you want to offer up some extra debate judges out of the kindness of your heart, then you are a saint and I will honor your name forever. No pressure, but definitely appreciate if you can help! cool


Please note: If there are connection issues during a live round, judges may not provide students private video conferencing links, personal phone numbers, or other potentially unsafe solutions. Safety is our #1 priority. If there are connection issues, or if you are a student and a judge tries to get you to privately contact them somehow, please contact the Help Desk immediately. Any judge found to be trying to privately communicate with students will be removed from the tournament immediately and the school supplying the judge will face a fine if they cannot provide an alternate.