California High School Speech Association State Championship

2021 — Online, CA/US

Media Release Form

Every student competitor and their guardian must fill out a media release form. You can find the form under "Competitor Forms" on Tabroom or directly via this link. This form is a fillable PDF and can absolutely be signed digitally. If digital signatures are not possible, physically signed forms can be scanned in to submit. We will only accept these forms digitally, so if you are unable to scan, please contact your Area Chair to figure out how to get those in. If a student needs to opt out of this form, please contact immediately and we can discuss options.

When you receive these completed forms back from your students, please login to your Tabroom account, access this tournament, click on your COMPETITORS tab, and upload the forms there.

TIP: Coaches, have students digitally return these items to you if possible. Even a clear photo from a smartphone (that is readable) is fine. Several programs allow for digital signing of PDFs (like Adobe), but most smartphones have features built in to digitally sign PDFs. If you're unsure of how to do this on your smartphone, just Google '[Your Kind of Phone]+ how to sign a PDF' and instructions should come up.