Tournament of Champions

2021 — Lexington, KY/US

Principal Letter - Sample Language

All students competing at the TOC must be representing their enrolled high school. No independent entries are allowed. Each entry must be authorized to compete for their school by their principal. In Policy debate, Public Forum debate, and Duo Interpretation both team members must be from the same degree-granting institution; no hybrid entries are allowed.


Each school must submit a signed letter by the school’s Principal, on official letterhead, indicating that:

·         All the applying students are enrolled at the school,

·         Those students have the school’s permission to compete at the Tournament of Champions representing their school name, and

·         The adults listed are designated as supervising and representing the students for the purposes of the TOC. [You must list at least one adult who will be responsible for the student(s), but you may list additional names for emergency purposes.]


You may submit one letter for your entire squad as long as the letter contains all the applying students’ names and the requisite adult names.


Please email these to Linda Barker at


Sample Language for the Letter (must contain all of this information, and appear on school letterhead):


The following students are enrolled at ____ (insert high school name) ____ and have permission to compete at the 2021 Tournament of Champions National High School Debate Tournament, hosted by the University of Kentucky, representing the school:




The following adult person or persons are designated as the adults supervising and representing the students for the purposes of this competition: