Tournament of Champions

2021 — Lexington, KY/US

Important for 2021

1. Observers and the return of the Entourage Rule, see right hand side. 

2. Schools must have fees paid in full prior to the tournament starting. Competitors will not be allowed to compete if this is not the case. 

3. T-shirts and hired judging is all done through tabroom now. 

4. Every judge and competitor needs a video release. Every judge, competitor and observer needs an honor code. Those forms are submitted via an online portal, not via email. 

5. Speech events will happen live, no video submissions.

6. The tournament is 3 days, not 4. Sat-Mon. 


How to Register - Fully Qualified Entry


A fully qualified entry is one that has two or more bids in a given event.

Enter via Tabroom by the March 2nd deadline. You will be put on the waitlist.

List at least two qualifying bids alongside your entry via Tabroom (there will be a screen to do this as you register). Failure to list qualifying bids with your entry will result in them being deleted from the tournament.

Submit entry fees and a principal letter by April 1st. You will be taken off the waitlist.

Submit video releases and honor codes by Friday April 9th. 


IMPORTANT NOTE – The waitlist does not mean your spot at the tournament is in doubt. It is a designation that you have not submitted the fees and the principal letter. If you are fully qualified and register on Tabroom there will be a spot for you at the tournament, assuming you complete the fees and letter step. If you do not complete these steps you are not eligible to compete.


Note about Silver PF – You are fully qualified in Silver PF under the following conditions:

1. Those who reached the TOC Silver public forum octafinals in the previous year's TOC (fully qualified)

2. International teams (fully qualified)

3. Urban debate league teams with one Silver bid or demonstrated competitive success in their league (fully qualified)

4. Those with one Gold bid (fully qualified)

5. Those with two Silver bids (fully qualified)


If you sign up with one Silver bid or NSDA points you are pursuing at-large qualification, but you DO NOT need to submit an application. We will order these entries based on when they signed up on Tabroom and successfully submitted their entry fees (first come, first serve). One Silver bid entries will be given priority over NSDA point entries.


How to Register - At-large Entries

Entries in debate events can pursue an at-large qualification to the TOC if they have at least one qualifying bid. Entries in speech can pursue an at-large qualification if they have one or zero bids (one bid entries will be given preference over zero bid entries).


Enter via Tabroom by the March 2nd deadline.

Submit an at-large application (the online form is on Tabroom) by the March 2nd deadline.

Submit an at-large fee of $50 by March 2nd via


IMPORTANT NOTE – Failure to complete ALL three steps will result in your entry not being considered.


If your at-large bid is accepted in the initial wave on March 19th, you must submit entry fees and principal letters by April 1st. If you receive an at-large bid after March 19th, you must submit entry fees and principal letters as soon as possible. Failure to submit fees and a principal letter prior to the start of the tournament means your entry will not be eligible to compete.


IMPORTANT NOTE – Do not submit the entire entry fee for an at-large bid until the entry is formally extended an invitation to compete in the tournament.