Steven Davis Invitational at Ardrey Kell

2021 — NSDA Campus, NC/US

NSDA Campus Tech Requirements

In order to use NSDA Campus, you must use Google Chrome as your internet browser. You can download the most up-to-date Google Chrome version here:


You must use a desktop computer or laptop computer to access NSDA Campus. These computers must have webcam and microphone access.


Everyone must test your computer’s ability to access NSDA Campus on Chrome by going to:

  • Once on that page, make sure you can successfully open the “Test Competition Room” and see the meeting room screen. Make sure you can access this room without a “disconnection” error for the duration of the test period (about 3 min)

  • Make sure you can access the camera and microphone.

  • Remember that if you are concurrently using your camera and microphone for another platform like Zoom, you must log off of those platforms first.


If you have succeeded in accessing the test room, camera, and microphone you are (probably) good!


If you are not able to access the room, before you do anything else, close and restart Google Chrome (the entire browser, not just the tab) then try again. This will fix 98% of issues.


In some circumstances, your school or workplace may have firewalls in place that stop you from accessing NSDA Campus correctly. Please be CERTAIN your building will not cause issues if you plan to compete or judge from your school on Saturday. If you are getting a “disconnected” error after originally logging in successfully it is likely a firewall issue, and you should request the following from your IT department or check your personal settings:

Whitelist the following websites:

Additionally, the following ports will need to be opened:


  • 80 TCP: HTTP

  • 443 TCP: HTTPS

  • 10000-20000 UDP: RTP