Steven Davis Invitational at Ardrey Kell

2021 — NSDA Campus, NC/US

Duo Interp Directions

Duo teams will submit videos in order to compete asynchronously.

Following best-practices and equity guidelines from NSDA and NIETOC, all Duo teams must record performances using a split-screen format. This means performers can not be physically together, even if performers live in the same household.

Here is a video with tips on recording split-screen Duo performances


Performances must be uploaded to YouTube. We cannot accept other video formats.

Teams should title their YouTube video with both (1) the title of the piece, and (2) the names of the competitors.

YouTube videos should be uploaded as "Unlisted" to protect student privacy. Do NOT set the videos to "Restricted" or the tournament will not be able to access the video.

Video links can be uploaded directly to on the entry details screen (the same screen where you enter the piece title). Submissions will remain open until Wednesday, February 24. Videos MUST be submitted for vetting by this date so we check for any potential problems.


If you have any questions about Duo Interp, please contact the tournament director.