Steven Davis Invitational at Ardrey Kell

2021 — NSDA Campus, NC/US

Carolina West Congress Information

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Cross Entry Between Tournaments

Students who enter the District Congress as MAY ALSO and are ENCOURAGED to enter the Invitational in any event(s) if they do not plan to compete for the duration of the District Congress. These students will ONLY be charged the entry fee for the Invitational. They will NOT incur a separate fee from Carolina West.

Entry for the District Congress

Schools wishing to enter the District Congress must make those entries on the separate page for that tournament. You MUST make entries on BOTH tournament pages in order to be entered in both events. Invoices incurred for the District Congress will be reduced by the District Chair in accordance with the guidelines above.

Judging for the District Congress

Do NOT enter a judge in the Invitational who will be covering your school’s judging obligation for the District Congress. Judge obligations for schools with non-competitive entries may be waived by the District Chair.

Schools found to be “double dipping” by entering the same judge in both tournaments will have a $50 fee per double entered judge assessed by the Invitational.


Your judges who are entered in the District Congress through that tournament page MAY be used in the Invitational.