The Canyon County Classic Invitational

2020 — Online - NIETOC - NSDACampus, ID/US

NSDA Campus Procedures

NSDA Campus Procedure:

Attached below is a link to the NSDA’s explanation of how competition rooms function. Students will be expected to remain in the room throughout the entirety of the round unless they are double entered. They should keep their microphone muted when not delivering a speech, and may choose to keep their camera on during other’s speeches’, provided they are not distracting. Judges should also mute themselves during speeches, but keep their camera on for the duration of the round. If a student is double entered, they should go to whichever event they are the highest speaker in first and inform the judge. Following their speech, they will be allowed to leave to proceed to their next event. If they are double entered with a Draw event, that event should take priority, unless it is reasonable they can complete their other speech before their time to draw. - NSDA CAMPUS EXPLANATION