The Canyon County Classic Invitational

2020 — Online - NIETOC - NSDACampus, ID/US

Welcome to the 2020 Canyon County Classic Invitational

Friday/Saturday - November 13 and 14

Hosted by Skyview High School, Nampa




Due to the success of staying on-time with the Rocky Mountain Tournament held on November 6-7, we have decided to mimic the schedule for the CCC.  We have moved Speech Finals from first thing Saturday to after the first 2 rounds of Debate and the first session of Congress.


We have moved the entry deadline for competitors from Tuesday to Wednesday at 5 pm.

We have moved the entry deadline for judges from Tuesday to Thursday at 5 pm.  If you do not have enough judges we will likely ask you to reduce your entry as we will have no extra judges!  

Events Changes:

Retold Story to Storytelling - we are trying to move Retold from a draw event (IHSAA rules) to a prepared event for the CCC using the NSDA rules, except we will still use the 6 minute time limit (no chairs or props).

Extemporaneous - students will choose from 2 Domestic or 2 International topics in draw (usually 3), a majority being from the NFHS questions from Sept, Oct, and Nov.

Overview:  We will hold speech events prelims on Friday and debate events, as well as Speech Finals, on Saturday with all awards presented Saturday evening.  All 14 speech events will be offered in both Novice and Varsity divisions and we reserve the right to collapse events if entries do not warrant them being separate.  We will still recognize top Novices if this occurs.  Debate will offer both novice and varsity divisions in CX, PF, LD and Congressional Debate formats.  We will also offer Big Questions Debate in a varsity division only.  

Entry Limits:  We will not be limiting entry numbers but we reserve the right to close entries if we get unmanageable so we recommend entering EARLY!   

Topics:  We will be using the November/December topics in both Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas debate formats, the national topic in Policy, the national topic in Big Questions (single person entries, no teams), and the Fall 2020 District 3 Legislation Packet.    

Entries:  All entries must be entered by Wednesday, November 11th at 5:00 pm. This is a FIRM deadline so that we can keep costs to just those rooms we need for competition.  NO LATE ENTRIES!  Also, if a competitor drops after that deadline, your school will still be charged for that entry.  It is very important for everyone to keep this in mind when registering.

Judges:  An online tournament has many more steps involved in the setup and preparation than in-person.  That means that adding judges are not something that we can easily do on the day of.  Please make sure that the judges you are using have complete judge info in Tabroom.  Be diligent in registering your judges for time slots that they have confirmed with you.  I doubt that we will have many "extra" judges, so do not register students unless you can sufficiently cover those entries.  Judge entry deadline is now Thursday, November 12th at 5:00 pm.

Changes/Adjustments to Extemporaneous and Impromptu - please read the updated adjustments to Extemp and Impromptu under those events.  

Schedule:  Due to starting later on Friday (due to school schedules), we will hold 3 prelims on Friday and the speech finals on Saturday.  Debate will start first thing Saturday. 

Friday, November 13 

3:30 pm     Check-in, system trial run

4:00 pm     Round 1 - Speech (draw starts at 4:00 pm)

5:45 pm     Round 2 - Speech (draw starts at 5:45 pm)

7:15 pm     Round 3 - Speech (draw starts at 7:15 pm)

Saturday, November 14

8:00 am      Debate - Round 1

8:30 am      Congress - Session 1  

10:15 am    Debate - Round 2

12:15 pm    Speech Finals (draw starts at 12:15 pm)

1:45 pm      Debate - Round 3

2:00 pm      Congress - Session 2

3:45 pm      Debate - Round 4

5:45 pm      Congress - Finals

6:00 pm      Debate - Gold/Silver Rounds

ASAP           Awards Ceremony        

Fees:  The entry fees are an ESTIMATION of your actual fees.  At the conclusion of the tournament, the cost of the software usage and certificate awards will determine the costs per entry.  Schools will be contacted as to their actual entry fees to be paid the host school.  Fees will NOT be higher than what is posted on the website but could be lower.    

Judges:  Schools will be required to enter the appropriate number of judges to cover their entries or will be contacted to reduce their entry size to achieve a covered status.  Hired judges will not be available.  No-show judges will be charged at $100 per occurrence to the school entering them. 

Please let me know if you have any questions after reviewing the invite and we hope to see you, virtually, in November!