Tim Averill Invitational online

2020 — NSDA Campus, MA/US

Competitor Resources


Be sure you have the CHROME browser installed on your laptop or desktop computer.

Be sure you have an account on Tabroom.com.  You can't participate in this tournament without one.  Directions are here.  Please include a cell phone number when you sign up.

Test your ability to connect to NSDA Campus (the video platform for the tournament).  Click here.  Then click on the TEST COMPETITION ROOM button.

See this 3-minute video: here 



Check in with your team to make sure everyone is ready to go.

When you log into Tabroom, you should see something that looks like this.

From this Tabroom page, you can go into your school's squad room (click on the corresponding camera icon).  You coach, judges, and teammates can also enter that room.

You can also see your pairings.  If you see your Round 1 pairing, click on the camera icon.

Also watch for an email that will have your pairing.  You have to go to Tabroom to get the link to the competition room.

On Friday - Round 1 should come out around 3:50 PM.

On Saturday - The first round should come out around 8:20 AM.

If you need help - see the section below on "Problems during the tournament".



Test your microphone and camera with the judge.

For evidence exchanges, use the CHAT function to share the link to a google doc that everyone can edit.


Problems during the tournament - You can reach the tournament staff by email or text:

Say who you are, your school, and what kind of debate you are doing (e.g., Novice Public Forum or Varsity Lincoln-Douglas).

Email MSDLDebate@gmail.com

Text (617) 564-0281