Tim Averill Invitational online

2020 — NSDA Campus, MA/US

AWARD CEREMONY INFO (schedule may be revised as the day progresses - check back):

Varsity PF - After octos, probably around 6:00.

Other divisions - At the end of competition - around 6:30 or so.

Link - here.  Passcode (if prompted): TRhp07


We look forward to hosting you this weekend.  A few things to note:

The schedule is in EASTERN TIME

Friday 10/30 (Varsity PF only) - judge briefing at 3:20 PM.  First round STARTS at 4:00.

Saturday 10/31 - judge briefing at 8:00 AM.  First round STARTS at 8:30.

Judge briefings take place in the JUDGE LOUNGE.  Click on CURRENT BALLOTS & PANELS (yellow button) on the right, and room links will appear.


Judges - Check out the JUDGE RESOURCES page (yellow button to right)

Competitors - See the COMPETITOR RESOURCES page - also to the right