The College of Idaho Trickster Invitational

2024 — Caldwell, ID/US


The College of Idaho Howling 'Yotes are excited to welcome teams to our campus in January, for the first annual Trickster Invitational!

Drawing inspiration from our mascot, the Coyote, and mythology of Coyote in various indigenous traditions, our tournament commemorates Coyote who is described in a Ted Talk by Tai Simpson as "the trickster who over time, carried our [the Nez Perce Nation's] ways of knowing." Of course, we owe a debt to the Boise Valley Indigenous people, whose land claims to the territory 30 miles from the the center of the Boise River on each side has never been settled, after the Federal Government refused to ratify the The Treaty of Fort Boise in 1964. We offer this little fact as a gift to all potential attendees, in the spirt of carrying knowledge, sharing our stories, and perhaps, playing a couple of little tricks.


Friday, January 19th, 2024:

2:30-3:30pm: Registration (Location TBD)

3:30pm: Welcoming Speech (Location TBD)

4:00pm: Round One; Individual Events

5:30pm: Round Two; Individual Events

7:00pm: Round Three; Individual Events

8:30pm: Finals; Individual Events (as warranted)

Saturday, January 20th, 2024:

8:00am: Round One; Debate (LD, PF, Policy)

Round One; Debate (Congress)

10:00am: Round Two; Debate (LD, PF, Policy)

11:30am: LUNCH; Debate (Congress)

12:00pm: LUNCH; Debate (LD, PF, Policy)

12:30pm: Round Two; Debate (Congress)

1:00pm: Round Three; Debate (LD, PF, Policy)

3:00pm: Round Four; Debate (LD, PF, Policy)

5:00pm: Debate Semi-Finals (LD, PF [single flight], Policy)

Debate Semi/Finals (Congress)

6:30pm: AWARDS (All Events)

ASAP, following awards--All Necessary Debate Finals

Events & Judging:

On January 19th, the Howling 'Yotes will offer competition in as single division for 13 Individual Events.

The following 10 events will allow double entry:

After Dinner Speaking; Informative Speaking; Sales Speaking; Communication Analysis; Original Oratory; Duo Interpretation; Dramatic Interpretation; Program Oral Interpretation; Humorous Interpretation; and Impromptu Speaking.

The remaining four events, which only allow for single entry are:

Panel Discussion; Extemporaneous Speaking; Radio/Broadcast Journalism; and Retold Story.

On Saturday, January 20th, the Howling 'Yotes will offer competition in the Novice and Open Divisions of debate, offering:

Policy Debate; Lincoln-Douglass Debate; Public Forum Debate; and Congress. While debaters are welcome, and encouraged, to also enter in Individual Events, there is NO DOUBLE ENTRY within DEBATE PATTERNS.

For our first year, we are requesting that all teams be proactive in covering your judges--as we work to discover what the judging environment will offer at The College of Idaho. Judge obligations are:

  • 1 Individual Events Judge per 5 entries.

  • 1 Congressional Debate Judge per 5 entries.

  • 1 Policy Debate Judge per 2 entries.

  • 1 Public Forum Judge per 3 entries.

  • 1 Lincoln-Douglass Debate Judge per 3 entries.

Tournament Fees:

  • Entry Fees:

    • Individual Events Entry: $8

      • Duo Interp = 2 entries

    • Debate Entries: $10

      • Partner Debate = 2 entries

  • Judging Fees will be assessed at:

    • Policy Debate: $100 per uncovered entry.

    • L/D Debate: $50 per uncovered entry.

    • Public Forum Debate: $50 per uncovered entry.

    • Individual Events: $15 per uncovered entry.

  • Missed Ballot Fees:

  • PLEASE, ensure that your judges pick up, and judge the rounds they are assigned. Missed Ballot fees will be assessed at:

    • $100 per missed preliminary round ballot.

    • $200 per missed elimination round ballot.

On Prohibitive Costs:

If our fee schedule is likely to be prohibitive to your attendance, please contact Kyle Cheesewright, using the email kcheesewright

We are committed to providing Speech and Debate opportunities to the broadest possible audience, and we may be able to work out an arrangement if the cost of the tournament would prohibit your participation.