Edmonds Woodway Invitational

2022 — Edmonds-Woodway High School, WA/US

November 27, 2022


We’re pleased to invite you to the Edmonds-Woodway Invitational Tournament. The dates for this year’s tournament are November 11th and 12th.

COVID Procedures

At this time, we anticipate running the tournament as normal. Masks are optional and students will not be marked down if they choose to compete in masks. If there are major changes in the district or state mandates between now and the tournament, we will send out updates and post them on Tabroom.

We offer the following events:

Congressional Debate

2 sessions on Friday evening and a super session on Saturday divided into open and novice as entries permit. We will use the fall WSFA Bill Packet and publish a link to it here when it comes. Dockets will be set in session.

You can find the bill packet at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_YyONUBZ5Op5-Az9PvZ_S2vVUAOkXoSA


Policy Debate: Open and Novice

Lincoln Douglas Debate: Open and Novice

Public Forum Debate: Open and Novice

Novice CX will use the limited case areas adopted by the WSFA.Lincoln/Douglas and Public Forum competitors will use the Nov/December topic.

POLICY DEBATE NOTE: While we would love to run a division of policy debate, this has become very difficult in recent years. We will collapse and/or not run policy if we do not have enough teams and judges that can actually judge to run the event. To make policy happen please do the following:

  1. Bring judges
  2. If you have a lot of teams, bring judges that can judge your town teams
  3. Your judges must be able to judge PF and/or LD as well. We will almost certainly have to use a few judges from other categories, but that only works if policy judges are willing to do the same.

Individual Events

Info (Novice-Open) Oratory (Nov-Open)

Extemp (Nov-Open) Programmed Oral Interp (Nov-Open)

Duo Interp (Nov-Open) Impromptu (Nov-Open)

Dramatic Interp (Nov-Open) Humorous Interp (Nov-Open)

Ed Com (Open Division only)

If a division has fewer than 10 contestants the event may be collapsed into one division. Although, we will do everything we can to preserve novice divisions since this is an early year tournament.


If you are coming from out of state, you may want to consult the Washington Forensics Association Rules found here: https://wiaa.com/ConDocs/Con1144/2019-20%20Bound%20for%20State%20Regs.pdf.

EDITORIAL COMMENTARY: A scripted speech which is intended to be an analysis of a news event rather that a running synopsis of news. Speakers will read their manuscript from a seated position. The script should be timed to end between 1:45 and 2:00. Any speaker ending before 1:45 or after 2:00 shall be ranked one score lower. There is only open division for this event.

INFORMATVE: A speech that is designed to be informative in nature. Visual aids and note cards are permitted, but are not required. Time: ten minutes (10) maximum, with thirty seconds (30) grace. Novices may use notes

DRAMATIC INTERP: One or more cuttings from a published play, prose, poetry, TV, or radio script, which is serious in nature. The presentation is MEMORIZED. Time: ten minutes maximum with 30 seconds grace. Novices may use scripts.

DUAL INTERP: A cutting from a published play, prose, poetry, TV, or radio script, which may be either humorous or serious in nature. The selection must be memorized but given without props or costumes. Time: ten minutes (10) maximum with 30 seconds grace. We are currently planning on allowing submissions of videos filmed either with both students together on camera or split screen. Judges will be instructed to not favor either method. If COVID restrictions change, we may change this. If you need help figuring out how to film a duo with this limitation, check out some advice from the NSDA. https://www.speechanddebate.org/duo-interp-split-screen-demo-nats-2020/

Novices may use a script.

EXTEMPORANEOUS: Thirty minutes before speaking time, each speaker will select a topic from a choice of four. Questions will be based on current events of the last three months. Speaker will be expected to organize and analyze material relevant to the subject area and answer the chosen question. One note card for novices only is permitted. Time: seven minutes (7) maximum, with thirty seconds (30) grace.

ORATORY: An original speech designed to persuade—that is, to change or reinforce an existing belief, to eulogize, to cause agreement with speaker’s position, or to motivate to action. Notes may be used in Novice Oratory. Time: ten minutes (10) maximum, with 30 seconds grace.

IMPROMPTU: Student will enter the room and be given a choice of three topics. The student will choose a topic and have six minutes to prepare and speak on the chosen topic. Time may be used in any manner the speaker chooses (example-2 minutes prep and 4 speaking or 4 minutes prep and 2 minutes speaking). Time: six minutes (6) maximum, with thirty seconds (30) grace. This event will be done live on Saturday.

HUMOROUS INTERP: One or more cuttings from a published play, prose, poetry, TV, or radio script, which is humorous in nature. The presentation is MEMORIZED in open, but novices may use scripts. Time: ten minutes with 30 seconds grace. Novices may use scripts.

Programmed oral interp: At least one cutting of prose and one cutting of poetry and/or drama linked thematically. We will follow WSFA rules. Time: ten minutes maximum with thirty seconds grace.


Every school is required to pay a $50.00 SCHOOL ENTRY FEE. The fee for each individual event and congress is $10.00. One person doing two events= $20.00. The fee for Dual Interp is $20.00 per pair. Each CX or PF debate team is $20.00. An LD entry is $10.00. Make checks or Purchase orders payable to Edmonds School District. Please mail your check or purchase order to Pam Daines, Edmonds-Woodway High School, 7600 212th St SW, Edmonds, WA 98026. Purchase orders may also be emailed to derek.hanson@sno.wednet.edu. Please make sure your purchase order arrives by Wednesday, November 3rd.

All registration will be done through www.tabroom.com. If you do not have an account at the site, follow the instructions to create one and then click on the Edmonds Woodway Invitational link to register.

Registration Deadlines

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, November 9th at 9:00 PM.

Fees will be assessed at 9 PM on Nov 9th. Any drops after that time will be included in the fees. Please notify us of drops as soon as you know of them. Any changes on Friday the 5th should be emailed to derek.hanson@sno.wednet.edu. DO NOT make changes on the web site on Friday! You may also contact me via phone on Thursday or Friday at (425) 218-7534. I probably won’t answer, so leave a callback number or just text your question. In general, email is preferred.

JUDGING: Each school is required to provide one judge for every two CX teams and for every 2 Public Forum debate teams or 2 LD participants. In individual events, one judge is required for each 5 IE’s entered. One student doing two events counts as two contestants. A Dual Interp pair is counted as one entry. Schools may provide senior division students to judge novice division contestants, but must provide the required number of adult judges for senior and junior division contestants. One judge needs to be available for every 5 Congress entries. All ballots will be submitted electronically via tabroom, so please ensure judges have accounts ahead of time. We also highly recommend that judges take the NFHS judging course found here: https://nfhslearn.com/courses/adjudicating-speech-and-debate Having entries in excess of your judging quota will result in fines and potentially the forfeit of entries that lack coverage.

PLEASE TRAIN YOUR JUDGES! The beginning of the tournament is not the time to get judges on Tabroom. This should be done ahead of time as should training about how to adjudicate.

Judges may only judge 1 type of debate but may also cover speech. We do appreciate it when debate judges can cover other events in a pinch, and CX judges are required to judge LD and/or PF if needed.

We will provide lunch and dinner for judges on Friday and Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack foods on Saturday.

Time Commitments

Debate judges must be able to judge Friday and Saturday. You may split these commitments between days.

Speech judges must be able to judge Friday and Saturday as well. You may split these between days as well.

DIVISIONS: Novice debates are open to any student who has not competed in debate before the current school year or attended a summer debate camp/workshop. Junior Division is open to students, who are in their first year, students who have attended a debate camp, and students in their second year and who did not place twice at college or high school tournaments last year in this division. Open IE’s are for all contestants, regardless of prior experience. If a student competed last year in anything for 6 or more rounds, they must be in open division IE’s. Novice IE entries must be in the first year of competition


Judges and Coaches: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided on Friday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday.

Students: Edmonds-Woodway HS has an abundance of nearby food. Immediately adjacent to the school are Burger King, Dairy Queen, and the local 7-11. Dick's Burgers is only a 10 minute walk away, as are Caffe Ladro and several teriyaki/noodle restaurants.


Since the tournament takes place on Veteran’s Day, we are taking advantage of the lack of school on Friday in order to begin the tournament earlier. This will allow us to finish earlier each evening, meaning an easier commute for you, and a less stressful day for your judges and students. As a consequence, though, Debate and IEs will be taking place on both days, including Speech preliminary rounds taking place on Friday instead of the traditional Saturday.

Friday, 11/11

8am… Registration

9am… Round 1 Debate; Congress- Session 1

11am… Round 1 Speech

12:30pm… Round 2 Debate; Congress- Session 2

2:30pm… Round 2 Speech

4pm… Round 3 Debate; Congress- Session 3

6pm… Round 3 Speech

Saturday, 11/12

8am… Round 4 Debate; Super Congress- Session 1

10am… Speech Finals- Oratory, Extemp, DI, Duo

11am… Round 5 Debate; Super Congress- Session 2

12pm… Speech Finals- Informative, Impromptu, HI, POI

1pm… Round 6 Debate

3pm… LD & PF- Quarters or Semis (depending on entry numbers); Policy- Semis

4pm… LD & PF- Semis or FInals (depending on entry numbers)

5pm… LD & PF- Finals (depending on entry numbers); Policy- Finals

6:30pm… AWARDS