WA State National Prep Tournament

2021 — Online, WA/US

We invite your team to attend the Washington Nationals Prep Tournament on May 15th, 2021!

We will offer all of the speech and debate events offered at Nationals, including the supplemental events.   The two priorities of this tournament will be to give competitors a chance to practice the live format of Nationals before the big event and to provide quality feedback and direction from coaches that the students can use to prepare to break at Nationals!  In addition to all of our friends across WA state, we also invite other states to join us in this quick and easy tournament.  Younger competitors who might like to observe rounds to learn are also welcome!

To minimize costs, we will be hosting this year’s event on CascadeCommons.org. Thank you to our friend, Interlake Coach Prabhat Aluri, for creating this platform!  To enter the tournament, please fill in the following spreadsheet and send to support@cascadecommons.org by Wednesday, May 12.   



Only one division will be offered;  all NSDA rules will be followed. 

Congressional Debate: National legislation is due to be released on 5/10.  We recognize that this leaves little time for preparing so we will pick 4 bills to focus on for this event.  They will be added on tabroom.com on 5/10.

Policy Debate: CJR, of course.

Lincoln Douglas: We will use the Nationals LD Topic released on 5/1.  

Public Forum: We will use the  Nationals PF Topic released on 5/1.   

Worlds School: We will use the round 1/2 topic that is released on 5/1.  Third round will be an impromptu topic selected by Puget Sounds Worlds Coaches Derek Hanson and Kelley Kirkpatrick.  


Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Program of Oral Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Original Oratory, Informative, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous Speaking will follow all NSDA rules. (Duo will be at coach discretion for local and school rules.)

Supplemental events will also be included: Prose, Poetry, Storytelling, Pro/Con Challenge, Prepared Commentary, Original Spoken Word Poetry, Expository, and Prepared Prompt Speaking.  These events will submit video recordings by Wednesday, 5/12 to the Cascade Commons site.

If there is enough interest, we will run Extemp Debate late on Saturday.   Please see schedule.



Monday, May 10… Entries due

Wednesday, May 12… Video submissions for supplemental events should be uploaded to the Cascade Commons site by 9pm.

Friday, May 14… Supplemental events will be judged asynchronously by 10pm.

Saturday, May 15th


8:00 am…  Registration

8:30am…   Round 1- Extemp Draw

9:00am…   Round 1- Speech

10:00am… Round 2- Extemp Draw

10:30am…   Round 2- Speech

12:00pm… Round 3- Extemp Draw

12:30pm… Round 3- Speech

2:30pm… FINALS (If necessary); AWARDS to follow 


DEBATE (LD, PF, Policy)

8:00am… Registration

8:30am… Round 1- LD, PF, Policy

10:30am… Round 2- LD, PF, Policy

12:30pm… Round 3- LD, PF, Policy

2:30pm… FINALS (if necessary), AWARDS to follow



8:00am… Registration

8:30am… Round 1- Prepared Motion 1

10:30am… Round 2- Prepared Motion 1 (opposite side as Round1)

12:30pm… Round 3- Impromptu Prep begins

3pm… FINALS (if necessary), AWARDS to follow



8:00am… Registration

8:30am… Session 1 (Bills to be announced ASAP.)

11:00am… Session 2 (Bills to be announced ASAP.)

1:30pm… AWARDS



3pm… Round 1

4pm… Round 2

5pm… Round 3



Our team goal is to provide exceptionally qualified judging for this tournament. Please bring your best and give our amazing kids quality critiques before they head to Nationals.

This tournament will be using on-line balloting through tabroom.com. Please have all judges create a tabroom.com account before the tournament.  Thank you for help with this!

Judges should be available for all scheduled rounds unless indicated while registering for the tournament.  If you need help with judging, please let us know!

1 judge for every 2 Policy

1 judge for every 2 Public Forum or LD entries

1 judge for every 5 Individual Event entries

1 judge per Worlds team  





There are no set fees for this tournament.  Instead, we ask each team to make a small donation to Coach Prabhat Aluri (who is a college student himself!) to help cover the costs of the Cascade Commons site.   


Please contact Mount Vernon Coach Kelley Kirkpatrick at kkirkpatrick@mvsd320.org.