Glacier Peak Invitational

2021 — Cascade Commons (Online), WA/US

Welcome to the 4th Annual Glacier Peak Invitational! We're very excited to have you at your first tournament of the New Year.

Ensure that you and all of your students, judges, and observers are signed up for Cascade Commons prior to 9pm on Wednesday, January 6th at 9pm. 

Please feel free to email with any questions.

Ombudsperson Contact Info (equity/access concerns, rules violations, protest):
Amy McCormick
Phone: (425) 428-3887

Tournament Schedule

3:15 PM Congress Session 1
3:30 PM Debate Round 1
5:30 PM Debate Round 2
6:00 PM Congress Session 2
7:30 PM Debate Round 3

All Asynch IE Prelim ballots due by 9pm on Friday

8:00 AM Synchronous Speech Round 1
9:00 AM Asynchronous Speech Finals
9:30 AM Debate Round 4
9:30 AM Super Congress Session 1
11:30 AM Synchronous Speech Round 2
1:00 PM Debate Round 5
1:00 PM Super Congress Session 2
3:30 PM Synchronous Speech Round 3
4:00 PM PF/LD Quarterfinals
5:00 PM PF/LD Semifinals
6:00 PM Synchronous Speech Finals
6:30 PM LD/PF Finals
6:30 PM CX Finals

ASAP: Awards (To be announced Saturday)