NSDA Middle School Nationals

2019 — Dallas, TX/US

New middle school World Schools Debate schedule on Thursday: 

9:30 am Impromptu (release 8:20 am) - Round 5

12:30 pm Impromptu (Release 11:20 am) - Round 6

3:00 pm Prepared - Quarterfinal

6:00 pm Impromptu (Release 4:50 pm) - Semifinal 



-View info in the yellow tabs on the right side of this page

-Review Nationals website

-Review the 2018-2019 Middle School Unified Manual

-Download the required Entry Agreement Form and view instructions for how to upload it.

-Download the required Media Release Form and view instructions for how to upload it.

-You will pay your invoice through your NSDA account. View instructions here.

-Guidebook App and Tournament Book will be posted here in April

-Congress docket and chamber assignments will be posted here in May


Important note: Every event will use online ballots at the tournament. Please remind your judges to bring an electronic device they can use to fill out a ballot. All judges must have a Tabroom account before they can be entered as judges in the tournament. They can create an account by clicking "Sign Up" at Tabroom.com. Share these instructions with judges for how to use online ballots.


We are excited to host you in Dallas for the 2019 Middle School National Tournament!

Please contact the NSDA at info@speechanddebate.org with any questions.