NSDA Middle School Nationals

2019 — Dallas, TX/US

Entry Requirements

 Required Forms

Entry Requirements

  • Students that are have completed their 5th through 8th grade years are eligible to register.
  • Please note that each school is only guaranteed four entries per event, space permitting. These four slots are first come, first served, based upon the date that payment is received. 
  • A team may place an additional four entries onto the waitlist in each event. The waitlist will be evaluated after May 10 based on space. These four entries are not guaranteed a spot.

Patterns for Speech Events

Pattern A: Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Original Oratory, and Prose
Pattern B: Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Poetry, and Storytelling

Note: Debate entries (LD, PF, Policy, Congress, WSD) may not enter in speech. In speech events (except Extemp), students can enter two events per pattern (A or B). If a student participates in Extemp, they may not enter in another event in Pattern B, but may enter 2 events in Pattern A. 

Supplemental Events

Informative Speaking and Extemp Debate are supplemental events. This means that the events begin on Thursday after the preliminary rounds for main events are over. A student is only eligible to compete in supplemental events if they also competed in a main event on Wednesday/Thursday morning. If your student breaks to elimination rounds in any event, they will not be able to compete in supplemental events. If they do not break to elimination rounds, you must speak to the tournament officials to confirm that your student will be competing in an supplemental event. You must pre-register by April 24 to compete in Info or Impromptu. You are not required to bring separate judges for supplemental events, though your other event judges are required to be available to judge if needed. Entry fees will not be reimbursed if your students break to elimination rounds and do not compete in supplemental events.

Policy Case Limits (affirmative only)

1. Refugees/Asylum seekers
2. Employment-based visas
3. Executive Order 13769 
4. Pathways to citizenship
5. Open borders

School Eligibility

As a reminder, only school-based members are allowed to enter the Middle School National Tournament. For any club or organization that does not currently have a school-based membership, the NSDA is eager to work with you to create school-based speech and debate teams. Please contact info@speechanddebate.org for more information.

More info found at https://www.speechanddebate.org/middle-school-unified-manual/