Fall Tournament

2021 — Online, NY/US
Field in PF Novice (Previous MS Experience)
28 entries
School Location Entry Code
BL BC/US Gao & Sun BL GS
BL BC/US Luan & Zhang BL LZ
BL BC/US Peng & Wang BL PW
BL BC/US Qiu & Xie BL QX
BL BC/US Ren & Xie BL RX
BL BC/US Wang & Zhu BL ZW
BL BC/US Zhong & Zhou BL ZZ
Debate Go ON/CA Chi & Zhai Debate Go CZ
Debate Go ON/CA Li & Liang Debate Go LL
Debate Go ON/CA Xue & Yang Debate Go XY
Ivy Bridge GA Anand & Anand Ivy Bridge AA
Ivy Bridge GA Baek & Ko Ivy Bridge BK
Ivy Bridge GA Chayapathy & Liew Ivy Bridge CL
Ivy Bridge GA Iyer & Arisa Ivy Bridge IA
Ivy Bridge GA Jojjavarapu & Senthilnathan Ivy Bridge JS
Ivy Bridge GA Kumaran & Jasti Ivy Bridge KJ
Ivy Bridge GA Meyyappan & Wang Ivy Bridge MW
Ivy Bridge GA Park & Manekar Ivy Bridge PM
Ivy Bridge GA Padmanabhan & Sinha Ivy Bridge PS
Kugnus ACTS NJ/US Heeseo Yoon Kugnus ACTS HY
Kugnus ACTS NJ/US Lee & Wright Kugnus ACTS LW
Speech and Debate India IN Agrawal & Sujan Speech and Debate India AS
Speech and Debate India IN Lamba & Mandloi Speech and Debate India LM
Golden State CA/US Gunjapally & krishnamohan Golden State GK
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Cabiles & Zhao VDA - Vancouver CZ
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Han & Han VDA - Vancouver HH
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Liang & Liu VDA - Vancouver LL
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Lin & Wang VDA - Vancouver LW