Fall Tournament

2021 — Online, NY/US
Field in PF Middle School Open
60 entries
School Location Entry Code
BC Academy BC/CA Park & Webster BC Academy PW
BC Academy BC/CA Zu & Shin BC Academy ZS
Bergen County NJ/US Bhandari & Motivala Bergen County BM
Bergen County NJ/US Gurunathan & Cheng Bergen County CG
Bergen County NJ/US Choi & Kashyap Bergen County CK
Bergen County NJ/US Hemang Mittal Bergen County HM
Bergen County NJ/US Kang & Liu Bergen County KL
Bergen County NJ/US Karimanal & Sim Bergen County KS
Bergen County NJ/US Shim & Choi Bergen County SC
Byers PA/US Hu & Zhong Byers HZ
Columbia Tiger Groups MO/US Guo & Yao Columbia Tiger Groups GY
Debate Go ON/CA Chen & Chen Debate Go CC
Debate Go ON/CA Huang & Huang Debate Go HH
Debate Go ON/CA Li & Liu Debate Go LL
Debate Go ON/CA Zhang & Zhou Debate Go ZZ
HS2 CA/US Kaitlyn Tapia HS2 KT
Ivy Bridge GA Doshi & Kumar Ivy Bridge DK
Ivy Bridge GA Gupta & verma Ivy Bridge GV
Ivy Bridge GA Ivaturi & Gupta Ivy Bridge IG
Ivy Bridge GA Kang & Agarwal Ivy Bridge KA
Ivy Bridge GA Kovi & Chinthalapudi Ivy Bridge KC
Ivy Bridge GA Kakarla & Kothari Ivy Bridge KK
Ivy Bridge GA Kinnarkar & Park Ivy Bridge KP
Ivy Bridge GA Liu & Duerr Ivy Bridge LD
Ivy Bridge GA Leo & Thadiparthi Ivy Bridge LT
Ivy Bridge GA Nuthalapati & Diddige Ivy Bridge ND
Ivy Bridge GA Qi & Annambhotla Ivy Bridge QA
Ivy Bridge GA Sun & Baddela Ivy Bridge SB
Ivy Bridge GA Yoo & Park Ivy Bridge YP
Lower Mainland Tutoring BC/CA Chen & Su Lower Mainland Tutoring CS
Lower Mainland Tutoring BC/CA Wang & Cai Lower Mainland Tutoring WC
Lower Mainland Tutoring BC/CA Yu & Jiang Lower Mainland Tutoring YJ
Lower Mainland Tutoring BC/CA Chen & Sun Lower Mainland Tutoring ChSu
Potomac MD/US Agrawal & Mahajan Potomac AM
Potomac MD/US Barold & Dev Potomac BD
Potomac MD/US Boman & Li Potomac BL
Potomac MD/US Doshi & Gu Potomac DG
Potomac MD/US Durbhakula & Khetan Potomac DK
Potomac MD/US Han & Lin Potomac HL
Potomac MD/US Karthikeyan & Luo Potomac KL
Potomac MD/US Kailad & Wang Potomac KW
Potomac MD/US Lin & Wu Potomac LW
Potomac MD/US Lam & Xie Potomac LX
Potomac MD/US Lisa & Zhang Potomac LZ
Potomac MD/US Mak & O'brien Potomac MO
Potomac MD/US Shehabi & Venkat Potomac SV
Potomac MD/US Schwartz & Wang Potomac SW
Potomac MD/US Tian & Tang Potomac TT
Potomac MD/US Wong & Wang Potomac WW
Speech and Debate India IN Gupta & Vora Speech and Debate India GV
Speech and Debate India IN Kacholia & Srivastava Speech and Debate India KS
Speech and Debate India IN Raina & Bansal Speech and Debate India RB
Sugar Land SpiderSmart TX/US Chen & Feng Sugar Land SpiderSmart CF
Golden State CA/US Guo & Park Golden State GP
Golden State CA/US Hathalia & Nagulapalli Golden State HN
Golden State CA/US Luo & Corbu Golden State LC
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Fu & Yang VDA - Vancouver FY
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Lu & Yan VDA - Vancouver LY
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Lang & Zeng VDA - Vancouver LZ
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Wu & Zhou VDA - Vancouver WZ