Georgetown Fall 2021

2021 — Online, NY/US



Topics: September-October PF 
October 7-8

Divisions -- PF

NOVICE -- Brand New
NOVICE -- Debated in MS


*This tournament will be held online.



-High School students CANNOT judge varsity debate divisions under any circumstances
-Middle School students can NEVER judge in any division
-9th graders can only judge only MS.
-10th graders and above who have debated at least one full year prior to this year can judge high school novice and MS and only those two divisions.
-11th & 12th graders and above who have debated at least two full years can judge JV, novice, and MS.

Programs that enter judges into divisions they cannot judge will be disqualified from the tournament.


Suggest Gallery view
Test volume -- ask each debater to read something at their "debate pace" for say 15-20 seconds to test volume and clarity.
7) Explain that everyone muted except the speaker(s) and that they can see this when they are ready to speak by looking at the microphone settings for each person in the gallery.
Ask the debaters if they have a prep method (phone call, or separate chat)
Ask for any clarifications or questions.


Monitor what happens in the debate room.  Even if you don't want on the email chain, you should be to monitor arrival times of email and format of exchange.  Feel free to pause before a cross fire or a speech if an observer has entered the room that is not correctly identified by their name.

PF Sides

Sides will be set in PF


Other Useful Information


$120/PF team





Friday, October 7 -- ALL EVENTS -- ALL TIMES ARE ET


5:30 -- Pairings released

6:00 PM ET --
Round 1, Flight a -- PF, Policy, LD. 

7:15Round 1, Flight b

8:30 PM ET -- Round 2, Flight a -- PF, LD

9:30 Round 2, Flight b 


9:00 PM ET -- Round 2 -- Policy


Saturday, October 8 -- PF & LD 

10 AM ET -- Round 3,

11am flight 2
12:00 PM ET -- Round 4, 1
1pm flight 2

2:00 PM ET -- Round 5,

3pm flight 2

4:00 PM ET -- Round 6,
5pm flight 2

6:00 PM -- Double Octofinals (LD will start with quarterfinals)

7:30 PM-- Octofinals

8:30:/9 PM -- Quarterfinals



Semifinals will start Sunday at 10am ET