Arkansas Forensics and Debate State Championship

2021 — NSDA Campus, AR/US
Field in Novice Lincoln Douglas
17 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status Record
Cabot AR/US Alayna Adineh-Kharat 1 Alayna Adineh-Kharat
Cabot AR/US Annabelle Morden 1 Annabelle Morden
Cabot AR/US Bailey Van 1 Bailey Van
Cabot AR/US Chloe Howard 1 Chloe Howard
Cabot AR/US Ethan Schneider 1 Ethan Schneider
Cabot AR/US Isabella Parker 1 Isabella Parker
Cabot AR/US Jace Owens 1 Jace Owens
Cabot AR/US Joelle Buckner 1 Joelle Buckner
Cabot AR/US Mikayla Sims 1 Mikayla Sims
Cabot AR/US Patrick Gunter III 1 Patrick Gunter III
Cabot AR/US Remington Hicks 1 Remington Hicks
Cabot AR/US Sawyer Giese 1 Sawyer Giese
Russellville HS Forensics AR/US Arlis Sprinkle 10 Arlis Sprinkle
Russellville HS Forensics AR/US Ashley Garcia 10 Ashley Garcia
Russellville HS Forensics AR/US Bailey Curry 10 Bailey Curry
Don Tyson School Of Innovation AR/US COLBY Crihfield 6 COLBY Crihfield
Conway AR/US Lexi Aikman 8 Lexi Aikman