Peninsula Invitational

2020 — Rolling Hills Estates, CA/US
Field in Oratorical Interpretation
35 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status
Alhambra CA/US Amber Zhang AD Amber Zhang
Alhambra CA/US Karmen To AD Karmen To
Alhambra CA/US Nam Nguyen AD Nam Nguyen
Alhambra CA/US Sabrina Tang AD Sabrina Tang
Alhambra CA/US Sharon Chen AD Sharon Chen
Alhambra CA/US Sondia Luong AD Sondia Luong
Arroyo CA/US Michelle Duan AG Michelle Duan
Arroyo CA/US Roger Le AG Roger Le
Arroyo CA/US Rose Rocco AG Rose Rocco
Cajon CA/US Hana Doueiri AR Hana Doueiri
Calabasas CA/US Avery Grove AS Avery Grove
Campbell Hall CA/US Arame Sow AT Arame Sow
Campbell Hall CA/US Daniel Dumontet AT Daniel Dumontet
Campbell Hall CA/US David Dumontet AT David Dumontet
Campbell Hall CA/US Francesca Tyberg AT Francesca Tyberg
Campbell Hall CA/US Madison Damus AT Madison Damus
Gabrielino CA/US Erika Luc BS Erika Luc
Gabrielino CA/US Megan Chan BS Megan Chan
Gabrielino CA/US Megan Gong BS Megan Gong
La Costa Canyon CA/US Chiara Frank CD Chiara Frank
La Costa Canyon CA/US Kathryn Enriquez CD Kathryn Enriquez
La Costa Canyon CA/US Naomi Paget CD Naomi Paget
Mater Dei HS - Santa Ana, CA CA/US Eric Hu CL Eric Hu
Mater Dei HS - Santa Ana, CA CA/US Kevin Do CL Kevin Do
Mission Vista CA/US Cipriana Rodriguez CT Cipriana Rodriguez
ModernBrain CA/US Emily Wang CW Emily Wang
ModernBrain CA/US Hanmo Yang CW Hanmo Yang
Monroe CA/US Frieda Borbe CX Frieda Borbe
New Hope CA/US Praveen Vadlamani CZ Praveen Vadlamani
New Hope CA/US Preeti Vadlamani CZ Preeti Vadlamani
Northwood HS Independent CA/US Jenny Weng DC Jenny Weng
Northwood HS Independent CA/US Shreya Shankar DC Shreya Shankar
Portola Bulldogs CA/US Shreya Shah DN Shreya Shah
QD Learning CA/US Jessica Yang DP Jessica Yang
Schurr CA/US Miguel Fuentes EB Miguel Fuentes