Peninsula Invitational

2020 — Rolling Hills Estates, CA/US
Field in Congress
58 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status
Alhambra CA/US Annie Ding Alhamb Annie Ding
Alhambra CA/US Colin Ngo Alhamb Colin Ngo
Alhambra CA/US Collin Duong Alhamb Collin Duong
Alhambra CA/US Grace Yee Alhamb Grace Yee
Alhambra CA/US Johann Galang Alhamb Johann Galang
Alhambra CA/US Michelle Li Alhamb Michelle Li
Alhambra CA/US Raymond Chan Alhamb Raymond Chan
Alhambra CA/US Sondia Luong Alhamb Sondia Luong
Arroyo CA/US Abbee Tran Arroyo Abbee Tran
Arroyo CA/US Kevin Do Arroyo Kevin Do
Beverly Hills CA/US Diane Jeong BevHil Diane Jeong
Beverly Hills CA/US Jayden Bulexa BevHil Jayden Bulexa
Beverly Hills CA/US Mason Ware BevHil Mason Ware
Beverly Hills CA/US Nick Adesina BevHil Nick Adesina
Beverly Hills CA/US Scarlett Topilow BevHil Scarlett Topilow
Beverly Hills CA/US Stevie Aceti BevHil Stevie Aceti
Campbell Hall CA/US Ava Rosson CamHal Ava Rosson
Campbell Hall CA/US Francesca Tyberg CamHal Francesca Tyberg
Campbell Hall CA/US Jack Garrett CamHal Jack Garrett
Campbell Hall CA/US Lyla Dintzer CamHal Lyla Dintzer
Campbell Hall CA/US Riley Eisenstein CamHal Riley Eisenstein
Dougherty Valley CA/US Aditi Raju DouVal Aditi Raju
Dougherty Valley CA/US Faiz Siddiqi DouVal Faiz Siddiqi
Dougherty Valley CA/US Hussain Ali DouVal Hussain Ali
Dougherty Valley CA/US Lekha Joneja DouVal Lekha Joneja
Dougherty Valley CA/US Rani Vakharia DouVal Rani Vakharia
Dougherty Valley CA/US Ronak Chakraborty DouVal Ronak Chakraborty
Dougherty Valley CA/US Sahana Vivek DouVal Sahana Vivek
Dougherty Valley CA/US Sanjana Kollu DouVal Sanjana Kollu
Dougherty Valley CA/US Shreya Sripada DouVal Shreya Sripada
El Camino Real Charter CA/US Matteo Akbarpour ElCam Matteo Akbarpour
Granada Hills Charter CA/US Rachel Lee GraHil Rachel Lee
Granada Hills Charter CA/US Sarah Shapiro GraHil Sarah Shapiro
La Costa Canyon CA/US Isiah Gonzalez LaCos Isiah Gonzalez
La Costa Canyon CA/US Kathryn Enriquez LaCos Kathryn Enriquez
La Costa Canyon CA/US Leila Ghavami LaCos Leila Ghavami
Mission Vista CA/US Anne Smith MisVis Anne Smith
Mission Vista CA/US Nina Antekeier MisVis Nina Antekeier
ModernBrain CA/US Anish Chowdhury Modern Anish Chowdhury
ModernBrain CA/US Benjamin Huang Modern Benjamin Huang
ModernBrain CA/US Ruijia Wang Modern Ruijia Wang
ModernBrain CA/US Ryan Choi Modern Ryan Choi
Northwood HS Independent CA/US Dylan Nelson NorHS Dylan Nelson
Academy of Higher Learning CA/US Juno Lee North Hollywood Juno Lee
Academy of Higher Learning CA/US Soren Jensen Oaks Christian Soren Jensen
Dougherty Valley CA/US Saanika Gupta Saanika Gupta
Academy of Higher Learning CA/US James Miller Santa Rosa Miller
Schurr CA/US Amber Contreras Schurr Amber Contreras
Schurr CA/US Jonathan Giang Schurr Jonathan Giang
University HS, Irvine CA/US Baani Sabharwal UniHS Baani Sabharwal
University HS, Irvine CA/US Arush Mehrotra UniHS, Arush Mehrotra
University HS, Irvine CA/US Shivum Berry UniHS, Shivum Berry
Valley International Prep CA/US Avery Ursini-Rodriguez ValInt Avery Ursini-Rodriguez
Valley International Prep CA/US Ayla Grodan ValInt Ayla Grodan
Valley International Prep CA/US Emily Cocea ValInt Emily Cocea
West HS - Torrance CA/US Ananya Gowrishankar WesHS Ananya Gowrishankar
West HS - Torrance CA/US Dhriti Veeramachaneni WesHS Dhriti Veeramachaneni
West HS - Torrance CA/US Lindsey Kim WesHS Lindsey Kim