Corona Rostrensis at Charlotte Latin School

2018 — Charlotte, NC/US
Field in Oratorical Declamation
32 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Nikhita Nanduri D 1100
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Noah Llanos D 1101
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Sarayu Adala D 1102
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Pratheeka Charla D 1103
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Navya Datla D 1104
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Upsana Lamsal D 1105
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Madhura Manjunath D 1106
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Ananya Ramesh D 1107
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Debeshi Kundu D 1108
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Michelle Liu D 1109
Ardrey Kell HS NC/US Samhita Vellala D 1110
Central Academy of Tech and Arts NC/US Kimberly Mizhquiri L 1111
Fort Mill SC/US Ananya Hota R 1113
North Mecklenburg HS NC/US Sonia Pereira E 1114
North Mecklenburg HS NC/US Lorelei Lin E 1115
North Mecklenburg HS NC/US Lillian McKeever E 1116
North Mecklenburg HS NC/US Shelby Liebler E 1117
North Mecklenburg HS NC/US Rayaana Boubacar E 1118
Providence High School NC/US Elizabeth Park M 1120
Providence High School NC/US Lisa Zhang M 1121
Riverside HS SC/US Anna Voelk K 1122
Riverside HS SC/US Eva De la Llave K 1123
Riverside HS SC/US Saryu Rath K 1124
Riverside HS SC/US Maryem Faltaous K 1126
Riverside HS SC/US Logan Jones K 1128
Riverside HS SC/US Mihika Desai K 1129
Riverside HS SC/US Miriam Meyer K 1130
Riverside HS SC/US Neela Yarlagadda K 1131
Riverside HS SC/US Sarah Tra K 1132
Riverside HS SC/US Silvana Cuervo K 1133
Riverside HS SC/US grace holland K 1134
Riverside HS SC/US Rijul Bhardwaj K 1135