Mardi Gras

2016 — MA/US

Team Improv

Abbreviation TI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

This category is for a pair (2) of contestants from the same team. The team will draw at random 2 characters and 2 scenes. After only momentary preparation time, the pair begins a presentation in which each contestant portrays one of the 2 characters drawn. The characters must begin together in one scene and progress creatively from that scene into the second scene. The maximum time for completing the improv is five minutes. The improvisation should be humorous and entertaining. The team is judged on their ability to create and maintain their characters, as well as their interaction and creativity in bringing the characters from one scene into the next.For example, Mary and Joe are a team. Mary draws the character of a pregnant woman. Joe draws the character of a priest. They draw the first scene - an elevator and the second scene - a deserted island. Mary and Joe begin. The pregnant woman and the priest are in an elevator which happens to be in an airport. They discover they are on the same flight to Bermuda. The plane goes down somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and they eventually make their way to a deserted island.Maximum Time: 5 minutes (30 seconds grace - no minimum time requirement)